About Communication and Media Studies

Built on one of the fastest-growing disciplines in higher education, our Communication and Media Studies major is founded on the belief that competent communication transforms individuals, organizations, and society. When you experience our small, practical classes, meet our committed faculty, and benefit from our emphasis on internships, you will see why our COMM majors are in demand as young professionals.

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Consistently one of the top 3 largest majors/minors on campus, with more than 10% of the student body majoring in COMM.

Five Desired Skills

COMM majors have five of the most desired skills employers are looking for—skills in teamwork, decision-making, verbal communication, analysis, and persuasion.

Diverse Skills

Our graduates have entered the workforce in such diverse areas as music management, ministry, non-profit management, orthopedic sales, construction, law, sports management, advertising, and public relations, and education.

Program Requirements

33 hours for major; 18 hours for minor

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Potential Careers

"The incredible faculty in the COMM department provided expertly crafted courses that equipped me with the skills to be an independent thinker and a successful leader."

 - Noel Davis Deal, '07, Lead Investor Relations Specialist, Special Kids Inc.

"Communication Studies builds strong citizens, thus strong communities; empowering students with the abilities to speak powerfully, listen empathetically, and collaborate successfully in an increasingly diverse society."

 - Meredith Skaggs, '09, ED. D., Instructor Owensboro Community and Technical College

"The communication professors at Georgetown prepared me for life's challenges that arose AFTER I graduated. They taught me to think for myself and I am grateful."

 - Winston Hines, '13, Joint reconstruction/Trauma and Extremities Sales, Stryker Orthopedics

"Knowledge transpires through experience, and the communication department creates an experience that will take you beyond anything you could possibly imagine."

 - Kelsey Burton, ’14, Ph.D. candidate University of New South Wales, Australia

"This department consistently challenged me and encouraged me. I was given enough freedom to study what I am passionate about while also having the tools to discover new concepts and ways of thinking."

 - Remy Kennedy, ’16, Community Development Manager, American Cancer Society

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