Welcome to the Georgetown College Alumni Association website! Feel free to explore and learn more about the Alumni Association and our Board members. Membership in the Alumni Association is a great way to remain involved with Georgetown College after graduation. The Alumni Association exists to help alumni reconnect with friends and stay connected to our alma mater – whether that is by coming back to visit campus, attending an alumni event, speaking in a class, or mentoring a current student. We hope you take full advantage of this wonderful group and all that it has to offer!

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Tiger Talks


Tiger Talks seeks to engage alumni by bringing several legends of Georgetown College into a conversation about what makes GC so unique, how they’ve helped shape the college over the years, and what exciting things await GC. Each conversation in the series will focus exclusively a particular group from GC, from faculty to alumni and even current and former Georgetown College presidents.

12-17-2020 Coaches

01-28-2021 Staff

02-25-2021 Faculty

03-16-2021 Alumni

04-22-2021 Presidents

Alumni Awards


Georgetown College presents awards to deserving alumni. Awards are presented to alumni who have become distinguished in a profession, and/or in community service, and whose distinction has brought honor to Georgetown College.

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