Programs of Distinction

At Georgetown, we offer students a variety of wonderful Programs of Distinction for different interests. Students should apply to our Programs of Distinction during their senior year of high school. 

All of our programs provide students with unique opportunities to make their time in college even more valuable. We have four types of programs: Honors, Pre-Professional, Arts, and Faith-Based. Please see below for more details and links to each program's homepage.

There is another thing that our programs all share: they all come with the opportunity for additional scholarships! Please note that some students receiving special scholarships may not be eligible to receive the additional scholarships, however.


Due Dates: 

October 23 and January 22   

For students entering college in Fall 2021, there will be two opportunities to interview. Of course, interview dates or details may change due to the ongoing pandemic, but we will find a safe way to interview every applicant.

Some programs will also allow later submissions and will complete individual interviews or auditions, so if you have a question about whether you can still apply to a program, please check with your admission counselor. You can contact admissions at 502-863-8009.

Fall Georgetown Scholars Day

December 5, 2020

Due date for all application materials: October 23rd

Programs interviewing: All Honors Programs, Health Scholars, Christian Scholars, Pre-Law

Spring Georgetown Scholars Day

February 19, 2021

Due date for all application materials: January 22nd

Programs interviewing and auditioning: ALL Programs



Whatever your medium - film or flute, brush or bass voice - our innovative arts programs are for you! We offer artists private studio space and professional-level film equipment, and we offer musicians unique pep bands or chorales and travel opportunities. Georgetown College is the place for artists looking to hone their craft as part of a beautiful life.



Our oldest and largest program is the Christian Scholars Program, designed to allow students to explore what they are called to do and who they are called to be. It is a wonderful program with classes, retreats, and mission opportunities.

Honors Programs


There are three basic tracks within the Georgetown College Honors Program: Oxford Honors, Science Honors, and Independent Honors. The Georgetown College Honors Program strives to encourage the intellectual growth of the College community by giving highly motivated students at all levels the opportunity to pursue challenging and stimulating academic and cultural experiences.  All Honors Programs require an application and an interview.

Pre-Professional Programs


Our Pre-Professional Programs are as unique as our students' interests, but all provide valuable opportunities for internships, preparation for next steps (such as assistance with standardized exams and practice interviews), and mentorship and advising from a dedicated director.

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