Information to help provide you with payment options and additional resources to help cover your balance.

Additional Student Loans

Sometimes, the Federal Student Loans that a student receives by filing the FAFSA aren’t enough to cover what’s needed. Lenders offer additional student loans—often referred to as private loans or alternative loans—based on the credit of the borrower and co-signer. In almost all cases, a student will need to have the loan co-signed. The college recommends that you consult with a trusted bank or other lending institution to determine whether this type of finance may be an option for you.

Here is a link that can help you explore private student loan options:

Finance/Payment Plan

The college offers a 12-month, 10-month, or 9-month payment plan that allows you to make your payments for the year’s charges (not covered by other aid) in interest-free installments. There is an annual enrollment fee for this program. For more information, please contact Student Accounts at 502-863-8700.

As a private, church-related institution, Georgetown College receives no support through taxes or public revenue. In fact, tuition covers only a part of the actual expenses involved. Support from the endowment, gifts, grants, alumni, and friends of the college totals over thirty percent of the actual cost of each student’s education, helping to keep direct costs as low as possible.

The College administers an extensive financial assistance program; no prospective student should overlook Georgetown College purely for financial reasons until investigating fully the amount and types of aid available.

Georgetown College is committed to providing excellence in higher education to all students. One of the ways the College fulfills its mission is through investing in each student.

“We want family and friends of Georgetown College students to know that we are dedicated to partnering with them by investing in their daughters and sons.”
M. Dwaine Greene, 24th President of Georgetown College.

Georgetown College invests in each student to assist with the financial realities of obtaining an out-standing education.

Undergraduate Rates 2017-2018

All rates are per semester.

12-18 credit hours (Full Time) $18,580
Additional credits above 18 hours rate per hour $530
One course only, rate per hour (Part Time) $1,145
More than one, rate per hour (Part Time) $1,530

Housing Options 2017-2018

All rates are per semester.

Residence hall, dual occupancy $2,270
Residence hall, private room $3,390
Residence hall, East Campus apartments/townhouses $3,250
Residence hall, Rucker or Hambrick village, double occupancy $3,085
Residence hall, Rucker or Hambrick village, single occupancy $4,100

Meal Plan Options

All rates are per semester. *Indicates Carte Blanche, Continuous Dining.

7 Days per week *Carte Blanche with $65 Tiger Dollars $2,435
7 Days per week * Carte Blanche with $65 Tiger Dollars (Discounted for Seniors Only) $2,360
7 Meals per week with $130 Tiger Dollars (East Campus Residents) $1,610
75 Block Meals with $375 Tiger Dollars (commuters only) $1,130

Students participating in their semester of student teaching may be eligible for the 7 meal plan. To see if you qualify please contact the Student Life Office.