Honors at Georgetown College

There are three basic tracks within the Georgetown College Honors Program: Oxford Honors, Science Honors, and Independent Honors. The Georgetown College Honors Program strives to encourage the intellectual growth of the College community by giving highly motivated students at all levels the opportunity to pursue challenging and stimulating academic and cultural experiences.  All Honors Programs require an application and an interview.  Please see the Programs of Distinction page for more information on due dates. While students are encouraged to apply for any of these three honors tracks, they can only receive the scholarship and funding for one of the three tracks.


Honors students have many opportunities for friendships and relationships with each other and faculty, helping to form an intellectual coterie through the rigors of college


Students accepted into the honors program in any of the three tracks receive $1,000 additional merit scholarship, and funding for many opportunities, including going to Oxford, summer research for science, and honors projects.


One recent grad used her honors project on the environmental impacts of the Rio Olympic games to get into a top Environmental Law program and land an internship with the Sports Environmental Alliance in Australia.

Oxford Honors


This track provides an immersive experience of the honors program during the freshman and sophomore year. It is designed to prepare students to make a successful application to study at Oxford University through the college’s partnership with Regent’s Park College.

Having that relationship with a professor makes it so much easier to ask for a recommendation letter that can detail what you’re capable of. …They can say, ‘I’ve worked with this person one-on-one and I’ve seen what kind of research they can do and how they think.’”
Joel Federspiel

Science Honors


The Science Honors track develops students’ ability to conduct scientific investigation and research at a high level. Eligible students will be matched with a summer research experience.

Dr. Burch used to encourage us by saying, ‘The day you finish your honors thesis will be a truly happy day.’ It was! My thesis research on the environmental impact of the Rio Olympics helped me to choose my graduate program and land an internship working for the Sports Environmental Alliance in Australia.
Taylor Burchett, Class of 2016

Independent Honors


The Independent Honors track challenges students to discover and develop their intellectual strengths and purpose by completing a personalized honors curriculum developed in consultation with an honors advisor.

Additional Programs

At Georgetown, we have a variety of programs for every interest. Check out the links here for more information about our other programs of distinction.

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