The Oxford Programs offer Georgetown students a chance to enroll and study at Oxford University in their junior or senior year. Prior to going, qualified students will use GC Honors courses to develop and hone the academic skills, content expertise, and personal habits needed to thrive in the famous Oxford Tutorial method of teaching and learning. The end result is a top-flight Georgetown College liberal arts education combined with a challenging and transformative academic experience at a world top-five university–a combination that has set our graduates on the path to personal success.

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Oxford Programs

Oxford Tutorial Program

After a careful and rigorous preparation at Georgetown, students in our Oxford Tutorial Program study through Regent’s Park College at Oxford for one or two semesters of their junior or senior year. All Georgetown students may apply as long as they maintain a 3.7 college GPA.

  • Study with Oxford professors in the famous Oxford tutorial method of teaching and learning.
  • Earn 12-36 hours of credit in one of twelve possible disciplines.
  • Enroll as a visiting student at Oxford University and have full access to all academic services and extracurricular activities.
  • Study at Oxford for the exact same fees as a regular Georgetown College term!
  • Open the door to significant post-graduate opportunities by building up your abilities and showcasing your work at world top-five university.

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“My time at Oxford was marked by academic challenge, meaningful relationships, and personal growth. I aspire to be a great steward of each of these gifts as life’s adventure continues.”

Caliesha Comley

Oxford Honors Scholars Program

A special “Oxford Honors” track of the Honors Program has been developed to  offer rigorous training and personal development for qualified students who are interested in studying at Oxford through the Tutorial Program.  Applicants will ideally have a minimum 28 ACT composite score and 3.75 high school GPA, but some borderline cases are considered as well.

  • Earn a $1,000 yearly scholarship above and beyond other academic awards, simply by completing one of the finest Honors Programs in the region.
  • Use specially-designed Honors Program experiences to build the academic skills and personal habits needed to flourish in tutorial work at Oxford and in life after graduation.
  • Build close, significant relationships with professors and fellow students in the academic community of the Honors Program.
  • NOTE:  Students who do not qualify for this program are still eligible to pursue a place at Oxford as juniors or seniors as long as they maintain a 3.7 college GPA.

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Fully Funded

Students go to Oxford for one or two terms for no additional cost!


Last year, Oxford University was ranked #1 in the world among all colleges and universities. 


Our students are amazingly successful in Oxford: since we started the Oxford Honors Program, none have gotten below the equivalent of a B-, and 83% have gotten the equivalent of an A.

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