Georgetown College offers study abroad programs to more than thirty countries and six continents! Every student has the opportunity to study abroad if they wish to make that part of their college experience.  Best of all, students continue to earn credits toward graduation as they study abroad.


GC students have the opportunity to study abroad in more than 30 countries on programs lasting anywhere from two weeks to a full academic year. Study abroad can mean traveling and taking classes with Georgetown or affiliated faculty, or traveling to international schools.

Programs are offered in nearly every academic area. The Office of International Programs strives to work with students interested in study abroad to create a personalized academic plan to match your interests. In cooperation with the Office of Financial Planning we are typically able to find the study abroad program that’s the perfect match for your major and finances.

Study Abroad Options

Semester/Academic Year Programs

A semester or academic year abroad is the traditional study abroad experience. You will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the culture of your host country(ies) and be able to say you’ve lived abroad. A semester/academic year abroad is typically the most cost effective way to study abroad and frequently permits you to utilize your federal/state financial aid towards funding your experience.

Short Term Programs

Short term programs allow students to spend the Winter Term, May Term or a portion of their summer abroad. This option is perfect for students that are unable to spend an entire semester abroad due to athletic or academic commitments. However, short term study abroad is usually completely self funded as your state/federal financial aid rarely applies.


The truth is simply that it allows you an experience you can only gain from being in another culture, and as a student it may:

  • Afford you an advantage in choosing a career or getting a job; it’s the BEST resume builder!
  • Give you recognition in your community
  • Increase your desire learn or knowledge in a variety of academic disciplines
  • Make you more aware of your place in the world – enlarge your circle of friends
  • Allow you to explore academic areas not offered at Georgetown College
  • Be the best way to travel as you earn credits towards graduation; it’s the GREATEST deal!

Yes, all Georgetown College students in good academic standing are eligible to study abroad. Programs approved by Georgetown College are designed for undergraduate credit. The requirements vary slightly between programs. The typical requirement is about a 2.5 GPA. Some programs, like the Oxford Tutorial Program, require a higher minimum average.

You can choose to go a full academic year, fall or spring semester, winter break, or over the summer. Students who participate in semester or year length programs are usually juniors or seniors. Whenever freshmen and sophomores enroll in a study program, they usually participate in short term summer or winter programs.

Yes! If you choose to study abroad for a semester or academic year your are studying abroad with a consortium or affiliated partner of Georgetown College. This means you still have access to all GC resources (GC email, library, advising, etc) while abroad. If you participate in a short term (winter or summer) program you’re still a Tiger so long as you plan to return to Georgetown College for your next semester.

In order to ensure you will remain a Tiger, you should make the Director of International Studies aware of your intentions to study abroad.

Freshman and sophomore year is the best time to start thinking about studying abroad. Unlike juniors and seniors, freshmen and sophomores have more freedom in terms of classes they are taking. They also have many Core and Foundation credits that they need to earn toward their graduation. This makes studying abroad easier and more fun. Students are open to a variety of classes that they can take overseas and would still satisfy their graduation requirements. Many undeclared-major students also use the opportunity of studying abroad to experiment and decide their majors.

Studying abroad, especially for a semester or full academic year, requires careful planning to ensure the best experience. It’s never too early to start planning your time abroad!

Costs for study abroad programs vary, depending on your destination(s) and length of time you spend abroad. Factors to think about include:

  • round-trip airfare
  • meals and accommodation
  • medical insurance
  • tuition and administrative fees
  • credit hours earned
  • excursions and/or tours
  • independent travel
  • textbooks/materials

Each program is unique and may include many of the expenses listed above; however, many programs have additional expenses beyond the listed program price. During the study abroad advising process you will discuss the total cost of your program and all related expenses with the Director of International Studies and Enrollment and the Office of Financial Planning – you will know your estimated out of pocket cost before committing to going abroad.

Students typically do NOT pay Georgetown College tuition or fees while abroad (exceptions apply for students going abroad on a Georgetown College program). Some students are even able to spend a semester abroad for less than their out of pocket cost to Georgetown College!

For details on program costs, please explore our program options with the Director of International Studies.

Financial Aid is typically not available for summer or winter term programs. However, students may typically use their federal and/or state aid for a semester or academic year abroad. You will meet with the Office of Financial Planning during the study abroad process to see exactly what financial aid may apply to your time abroad.

Your Georgetown College scholarships are not typically applicable to time abroad.

Georgetown students may study in places all over the world! For more information, contact the Director of International Programs.

Note: Georgetown College policy prohibits students from studying abroad in countries with an active US State Department Travel Warning. Visit the US State Department website from an up to date list. Georgetown College strongly suggests that students do not study abroad in countries with an active Travel Alert. 

No, you can take a program with courses taught in English. However, there are programs that are taught in the native language of non-English speaking countries, if you want to experience and practice a foreign language.

While studying abroad takes careful planning the process is relatively simple and the Director of International Studies is there to help with every step.

Yes, the credits earned will be transferred to Georgetown College, and count toward your graduation requirements. Simply meet with the Director of International Studies BEFORE going abroad to ensure that the credit transfer process goes smoothly.

If you intend the credits to count toward your major, minor, or general education requirements, you must receive the approval of your faculty advisor and/or the department chair(s) over the area(s) in which you are earning credit. Otherwise, you can use the credit hours as electives.

The quality points will not be calculated into your overall GPA unless your course(s) abroad is taught by a GC professor or you are participating in the GC Oxford Program.

Contact the Study Abroad Office

You can reach us at [email protected] or find relevant forms and documents at this link.

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