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One of the most popular departments on campus, our psychology major successfully prepares you for clinical/counseling, school, cognitive, animal behavior, and social psychology. Our small class size guarantees that you develop close relationships with our six full-time, tenured psychology faculty, who offer a wide range of specialized courses that few colleges with small class sizes can match. Our alumni manage caseloads, work to end homelessness, serve as animal care technicians, and even run sales departments.

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Quiz Bowl

The Psychology Bowl team competes in a tournament, held during the KPA Spring Academic Conference.  Questions from 10 different areas of psychology are asked in a quick-recall format. 

Psi Chi/Psi Alpha Omega

The department sponsors two student organizations, Psi Chi which is the psychology international honor society and Psi Alpha Omega which is open to all students taking psychology who have an interest in the discipline.


Dr. Rebecca Singer specializes in animal psychology, and studies object permanence in dolphins and sea lions.  She has led GC students on study abroad trips to work (and swim!) with dolphins as part of this research.

Program Requirements

33 hours for major; 18 hours for minor

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Potential Careers

“Georgetown College has proven to be so much more than just a school and the place I saw as home for four years. The outstanding reputation of the college allowed me to venture into avenues I don’t think I would have otherwise been offered after graduation. I have noticed firsthand how the intensity of the course load at Georgetown prepared me for a fast-paced, stressful job. I am so blessed to be serving others through the Social Security Administration and I truly believe Georgetown College played an important role in forming me into the woman and individual I am today. I cannot imagine my life without Georgetown College."

 - Ericka Conley, '18

"My education laid a foundation which has aided my ability to understand other people and serve others well.” 

 - Stacey Croley, '11

 “Georgetown's psychology department primed me for a career in physical therapy. It gave me insight into motivating others, developing rapport with patients, and an understanding for other personality traits other than my own. Most importantly, it taught me how to self-reflect, which has been a valuable tool in all aspects of my life.”

 - Elizabeth Levay, '12

“Majoring in psychology has opened many doors and prepared me for many paths. Throughout my graduate work and beyond, my psychology  degree has prepared me to be successful as a new professional and I am sure it will continue to do so for the rest of my career."

 - Madelyn Frost, '15

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