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If you aspire to be a teacher who will have a strong commitment to social justice and social issues, this planned double major in sociology and education may be a perfect fit.  Your sociology major will allow you to explore such topics as cultural diversity, family and community issues, and social theory, while our highly ranked education program will make sure that you become an exceptional teacher. Sociology education will certify you to teach grades 8-12, but you can also choose to certify down and add certification for grades 5-7, making you even more marketable!

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One of Three

Sociology is one of three undergraduate majors that can lead to certification to teach high school social studies; the other two are history and political science


Students will get 200 hours of supervised experience in the classroom before undertaking their capstone student teaching assignment.


With certification in social studies, graduates are certified to teach not just in sociology, but also in a variety of other social science disciplines.

Program Requirements

33 hours for the sociology major; 32 additional hours for the corollary major in education; coursework in other social science disciplines for certification.

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Potential Careers

“The classes at Georgetown have pushed me to become a better educator and implement change immediately in my own classroom. Professors are knowledgeable in their fields and always willing to share that knowledge so you may become the best you can be. I have always found support in the education program from other students and professors and each class has been an opportunity for us to learn from one another.”

 - Kristin Huges, '17

"The sociology department works hard to make sure all students have the resources they need to really learn everything. Professors relate the lessons to real world examples and use this to help us apply our knowledge.”

 - Maggie Mollak, '19

“One thing I have appreciated about the Sociology Department is how personable the professors are, and how much they want you to succeed!”

 - Madison Mudd, '20

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