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As a sociology major,  you will learn to examine the causes and consequences of human behavior with the end goal of creating a more just and sustainable world. Small class sizes, intellectual diversity, and opportunities for community engagement and service learning characterize this excellent department at Georgetown College. Along with the traditional sociology major, we also offer two emphases – social and criminal justice and sustainable community development – so you can tailor your major to your particular passions.

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While many sociology majors gravitate toward social service and counseling careers, there is a very wide variety of career paths including professional, management and research positions.


According to a 2012 study of recent sociology graduates, 43% were working in the private sector, 25% worked in the nonprofit sector, and 23% worked in the government sector.


Sociology graduates report that learning about issues of diversity, social institutions and groups and teams were the things they used most in their jobs.

Program Requirements

33 hours for major (36 hours for major with emphasis); 18 hours for minor

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Potential Careers

“The study of sociology not only taught me the theories and concepts within the discipline but it also gave me understanding and guide to approach all different walks of life; including my own."

 - Krissy Mitchell, '17

"The Sociology Department has helped me grow a ton as a person.  Learning about real world issues has helped shape my perception of the real world."

 - Michael Koltak, '18

"Not only has sociology given the opportunity to see how the society is structured and the functions of it but it has given me the ability to see those structure and functions in my own life." 

 - MaKayla Jackson, '17

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