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If you are interested in working in law enforcement or serving as a public defender, our social and criminal justice degree track and minor bridge the field of criminology with sociology, providing you with the knowledge necessary to build a more just society.

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In January of 2017, one of our seniors with a Social and Criminal Justice emphasis missed a week of class to provide security at the inauguration of President Trump.

Both Sides

The program focuses on the roots of social problems as well as the ways to respond to them—preparing our students to be law enforcement professionals who understand the human dimension.


Internship opportunities, combined with classes on topics like Community Policing, provide students the opportunity for real-world experience.

Program Requirements

18 hours for minor; See sociology for a sociology major with social/criminal justice emphasis

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Potential Careers

"As a student at Georgetown College I learned how culture, class, and crime intersect.  Those lessons have been invaluable as a Special Agent responsible for investigating a wide variety of criminal activity."

 - Nathan Maloney, '01

"The Sociology Department challenged me and made me a better student. I will always remember what I have learned in my classes in my everyday life. This department has great teachers but even better people".

 - Jordan Nicole, '18

"The Sociology Department works hard to make sure all students have the resources they need to really learn everything. Professors relate the lessons to real world examples and use this to help us apply our knowledge.”

 - Maggie Mollar, 2019

“I love how helpful the professors are in working with your schedule, especially as an athlete. They also push you in your study to unlock a greater understanding of what you are learning."

 - Kody Kasey, '17

"The Sociology Department provides much more than a learning experience, it provides an opportunity to grow as an individual, find your passions, gain new understanding, and create  change. This department truly encourages you to use your voice and share its power."

 - Kyndle Pace, '18

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