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A philosophy major teaches you to think critically, read carefully, and write clearly. A philosophy major at Georgetown College not only prepares you for any career you may choose to pursue, it prepares you for life.

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As part of the Oxford Honors Program, more than half of our majors study philosophy at Oxford University!


Philosophy faculty regularly teach innovative classes, including Harry Potter, Tolkien and Medieval Philosophy, and the Ethics of Hunger Games


About 80% of our majors in the past 10 years have gone on to graduate school or seminary.

Program Requirements

30 hours for major; 18 hours for minor

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Potential Careers

"Georgetown's philosophy department is one of the best services this campus has to offer to students. The philosophy professors push students to improve their reading, writing, and thinking abilities while also caring and mentoring them in a positive way."

 - Preston Crump, '22

“Georgetown College means learning from incredible professors who become mentors and friends.” 

 - Hollis Dudgeon, '16, Graduate Student

“A major in philosophy at Georgetown has been an invaluable foundation for theological study and the practice of ministry. Learning to think critically about new information and the world around me has been vital to success in everything I have pursued since.”

 - Roger Jasper, '06, Minister

“Thanks to philosophy, I'm able to pursue my dream of being a missionary in third-world countries. I am able to keep an open mind, question what I don't understand, and stand confident in my personal viewpoints.” 

 - Elizabeth Martin, '19

"Choosing to study philosophy at Georgetown remains the most important and consequential decision of my life."

 - Dr. Adam Glover, '07

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