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Medieval and Renaissance Studies will amplify your liberal arts education by focusing on an especially rich and diverse period of cultural history. A strong complement to an English or history major, this interdisciplinary minor supplies you with a deep understanding of the differences and continuities between the two eras, as well as their influence on the world today.

Star Wars

Med-Ren program director Holly Barbaccia can tell you why Star Wars is 'totally medieval'


Examining 14th-century manuscripts and suits of armor are 'extracurricular activities' for Med-Ren minors.


Most minors complete the program by taking independent studies on topics they design with help from a professor.

Program Requirements

21 hours for interdisciplinary minor; no major available

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"The minor was about learning the birth and evolution of the written English language. It was fascinating to see the linguistic shifts as well as the differing world views and characteristics of those two periods."

 - Courtney Spence, '15

"I always loved fantasy growing up, and the Medieval and Renaissance periods are where most of that comes from. Discovering the reality behind our modern fantasy made it wonderful."

 - Angela Nienaber, '15

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