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Our innovative 3/2 program in Nursing Arts allows you to enjoy both the personal attention and small class sizes that characterize Georgetown College before completing your education in the University of Kentucky’s nursing program. After five years, you have two excellent degrees, a strong foundation in the sciences and liberal arts, and the necessary credentials to find immediate work in the nursing field or pursue further study.

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The Nursing Arts program at Georgetown College enables students to receive two degrees:  a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with a major in nursing arts from Georgetown College, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Kentucky.


The UK nursing program is highly competitive and highly ranked, but up to five qualified nursing arts students from Georgetown are guaranteed acceptance to the UK College of Nursing.


At the completion of the program, students may obtain employment as a RN-BSN, or pursue further degrees in nursing, such as an MSN or even an NP or DNP!

Program Requirements

Approximately 78 hours required for the Georgetown portion of the major

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Potential Careers

“This program allowed me to develop wonderful relationships with my professors at Georgetown and take advantage of the small class sizes that Georgetown has to offer.  I felt very prepared when I started nursing school.  My classes at Georgetown had prepared me for the workload of nursing school and taught me the proper way to study

 - Peyton Blanton, '15

“Georgetown College’s biology department provided the groundwork for my nursing career. The small classes allowed me to thrive in a more intimate setting and get to know my professorsand classmates without ever feeling inadequate or lost in the crowd.”  

 - Leeann (McKenna) Spivey, '11

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