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This interdisciplinary major successfully prepares you for health professional programs or for graduate school by ensuring that you develop the key laboratory skills you need while also ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of the major concepts and developments at the interface of chemistry and biology.

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Our Chemistry professors guide students in independent biochemistry research opportunities with the goal of publishing their findings in international, peer-reviewed science journals.


The Chemistry Department now offers students the opportunity to graduate with an American Chemical Society (ACS)-certified Biochemistry degree, to prepare students to become future leaders in biochemical research and science.

Lab Work

Dr. Amanda Hughes (Biochemistry professor) re-designed a biochemistry lab to feature a semester-long experiment where students generate a plasmid carrying the gene of a target enzyme, and perform in vitro kinetic assays.

Program Requirements

60 hours for interdisciplinary major; no minor available

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Potential Careers

“Pursuing a biochemistry degree has been one of the most significant challenges I have faced to the date, and I consider it one of my greatest accomplishments. The curriculum is very challenging, and I feel prepared for my future studies and future career.”

 - Taylor Morris, '19

“Georgetown College truly prepared me for a career in Medicine, provided me with the opportunity to master a variety of material, and made me a well-rounded student."

 - Amber Watts, '18

“Georgetown College provides quality instruction by Christian faculty who are concerned with the education and development of their students.”

 - Dr. Susan Campbell '85 and former Bichemistry Professor

  "My biochemistry degree helped me get a running start in my career in a lab. The variety of experiments and small class size put me a step ahead.”

 - AnnaLisa Strickland '15

“Biochemistry, being the demanding major that it is, prepared me in terms of time management and prioritizing my responsibilities, in the classroom and in life--period.”

 - Demetria Quincy, '17

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