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Georgetown’s Education department doesn’t just teach you how to teach; it molds exceptional teachers – five recent Kentucky “Teacher of the Year” award recipients are alumni. With nearly 174,000 new teachers hired nationally each year, teaching is a job you can get, a career you can thrive in, and a service we all desperately need.

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Certify Up!

May choose to certify up, adding a Middle Grades certification in one content area (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) (requires additional coursework).

C is not average

GC’s education program focuses on Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity


88% of GC’s 2013 Education Graduates were teaching within a year of graduation, compared to a statewide figure of 83%

Program Requirements

68 hours in education for elementary certification.

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Potential Careers

“At Georgetown College, the professors in the education department put a lot of heart into preparing fabulous educators for this crucial field. You can feel the passion that they bring to work every day, and it truly follows each teacher into their career

 - Allie White Buchanan, '15

“Georgetown’s education program was great for me for so many reasons, one being that the professors are so willing to work with you if you happen to need accommodations.  I loved the small class sizes as well and how you really got to know your professors on a personal level.  Another thing I loved is that they get you into the classroom right away to make sure education is a good fit for you.  I strongly encourage being part of this program”

 - Jessica Sauls, '15

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