This house shares a similar layout to many of the other social halls located on South Campus. Only upperclass students are allowed to live in the fraternity and sorority buildings. Priority placement is given to members of those organizations, however if the organization does not fill the building to capacity, non-members may live in unoccupied spaces. Each building is staffed by student resident advisors and a student resident director.

Room Specs

  • Room: 11′ 2″ x 16′ 6″
  • Window: 5′ 6″ tall x 4′ 6″ wide

Feature List

Feature List

Study Areas - Lobby Area - Community Bathrooms - Beds may be bunked - Community Kitchen - Free Laundry - Landline Available - High Speed Internet - Furniture may be re-arranged - Air Conditioning


Phi Mu from the side
Phi Mu with bench

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