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Golf Gets a Boost from Dedicated Alumni and Friends

Submitted on July 15, 2022

A picture-perfect weather day set the stage for a perfect ending to the hard work of so many people at Georgetown College and the greater Georgetown community.

Cherry Blossom Golf Course played host to the Georgetown Golf Scramble to support the Georgetown College men's & women's golf programs.  Over 100 golfers, including current Tigers, hit the links to help restore the programs. While numerous birdies and eagles were scored on the course, the best number of the day came at the round's conclusion. Georgetown College has met its fundraising goal and will continue to support men's & women's golf immediately.

Head Golf Coach and Assistant AD, Austin Sparks, was floored by the day. "Today was unbelievable. I can't say enough thank yous to everybody that participated and showed support for the golf programs. The day went about as smooth as we could possibly hope for. It was nothing but positivity out on the course. I can't say enough about Luther Conley and the staff at Cherry Blossom that helped us put this on. I also do want to thank Flash Williams again. I was lucky enough to take over the program when he retired six years ago and have been blessed to be in this position. Overall, I can honestly say, hands down, the day was the best experience I've had at Georgetown."

Georgetown College President, Dr. Rosemary Allen, was in attendance and beyond appreciative of those who hit the links. "One of the things I love so much about Georgetown is how good its people are. You're doing something that's going to make this college a better place. You're taking care of our students. You're making sure that they get the experiences they need. We need that kind of support to make sure we have the capacity to keep giving to these students what they deserve. I want to thank every single one of you who is contributing your time, your support and your love to these students who will be able to continue playing golf because you care. Thank you for caring and thank you to everyone who has been part of this endeavor."

The course was in perfect playing condition and resulted in every team shooting at least 10-under-par. Team Legacy Wealth won the overall scoring title by shooting 21-under-par. Awards were given out for closest to the pin, one of which was won by Georgetown senior, Katherine Wesley. Various items and experiences were also auctioned off, including a flag from the 18th green at the 2022 PGA Championships signed by more than 30 PGA golfers. Georgetown would like to thank Randy McGuire for this item donation.

The event would not have been possible without the generosity from Cherry Blossom GM, Luther Conley. Mr. Conley donated the course for the day and donated lunch for everyone in attendance to make the event possible. For all his hard work and dedication to Georgetown College, Mr. Conley was given a surprise gift: passes to The Masters for him and his family. These were donated by Henry & Judy Hayes, Georgetown College Class of 1970.

The day was an overall celebration of golf at Georgetown, as noted by Vice President of Athletics, Brian Evans, "It was an awesome experience today: to ride around and see the faces smiling and excited about what's going on with the golf teams. It really warmed me. I want to say publicly how much I appreciate Austin Sparks. He's taken on additional roles within the athletic department, and he's continued to do this with golf and help each of our young people and to help put this together.  To our golfers that's hung in with us:  Thank you…to see you out (at the event) today fighting for your program and fighting for your experience was incredible...We're playing golf next year."

Photos and videos from the day can be found on the GC Athletics Twitter and Instagram pages. A complete schedule and rosters for both golf teams will be online in the near future.

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