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As you prepare for the challenges of medical or dental school, you want to make sure you get the best foundation possible for success in health-related fields. With small class sizes, personal mentoring, research opportunities, and caring faculty, Georgetown College will assure your proficiency in the sciences while also building your key interdisciplinary skills. We’ll give you the firm science base, but we’ll also help you cultivate the compassion and human understanding that’s essential in the healthcare professions.

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We provide students with opportunities for research outside of a traditional classroom setting while at GC, working with our own faculty or receiving funding to work with researchers at other institutions, from Stanford University to the National Institutes of Health.


We have a long tradition of successfully preparing students for health professions. Over 90% of our students who complete the application process, including an interview, get accepted to medical school.

Grad Success

Our graduates have become world-class medical researchers, famous surgeons, professors of medicine—and, most importantly, they serve on the front lines of health care, as primary care physicians, pediatricians, dentists, and allied health professionals.

Program Requirements

No specific major is required, but all pre-medical fields will require a good foundation in the natural sciences, highly developed communication skills, and a solid background in the social sciences and humanities. Most students major in one of the sciences, usually biology, biochemistry, or chemistry. The entrance tests require excellent verbal reasoning skills, so a good background in English is also advised. For more information on a four year plan to get to med school, click here

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Potential Careers

“The education that I received from the biology department was, in my opinion, unparalleled. The professors were passionate, phenomenal teachers, and had an open door policy that helps students master any topic.”

– Dr. Brian Chaffin, ’13, D.O., Internal Medicine Resident at Bowling Green Medical Center

“I owe much of my own success to the faculty’s personal investment in their students. Thanks to them, GC is known by medical residencies in the region as a powerhouse that produces numerous future physicians each year. I was proud to boast about my alma mater when interviewing for my residency in Pediatrics!”

--Madison Nation, ’12

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