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Enhance your major with a GC music minor!  A music minor demonstrates breadth of preparation and can open doors in just about any field, whether you are considering graduate school or a move directly into the workforce.  Georgetown’s music minor will provide basic training in several key areas, such as music theory, music history, and conducting.  Music minors will also experience ensemble performance and private study, and will select one class from an interesting array of popular music options:  country music, rock music, film music, public school music.  


A music minor will make you more attractive to graduate programs, including medical school, or to just about any potential employer.


You will make lifelong relationships with fellow scholars in music ensembles and classes.

Lifelong Skill

You will learn a skill that you can use for the rest of your life, regardless of age.

Program Requirements

18 Hours

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Potential Careers

Being a music minor at Georgetown College gave me experiences that were helpful no matter what profession I decided on. Whether it was improving my presentation skills or learning how to effectively communicate through song, the music faculty at Georgetown College showed me how transferrable my experience in music could really be.

 - Zachary White, 2015

The music minor I received at Georgetown college has been a great asset to me in my life post graduation. I am a 5th grade teacher in Franklin county and the knowledge I have of music allows me to connect with coworkers in a unique way. I am also able to integrate music for my students who are musical learners which is a great tool to have in my toolbox. I am also able to help with extracurricular activities such as the school play and chorus which allows me to connect with students on another level!

 - Kristen Robinson Anderson, 2016

My music minor gave me the opportunity to hone my skills as a musician while still focusing on my major and my career path in college. The experiences I had while working toward my music minor have helped me be more successful as I work with the music ministry at my church and include music instruction in my classroom.

 -Mary Catherine Kendall, 2007

The minor allowed me to keep my applied music skills sharp while also pursuing subjects I loved, such as theory, history, and conducting.

-Melissa A. McEuen, Professor of History

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