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If you are interested in working as a forensic chemist in a crime lab or toxicology lab, or plan on pursuing graduate study in forensic science, our Forensic Chemistry Track is the perfect choice.   This program focuses on instrumental techniques that are essential for forensic investigations.

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Crime Lab Chemistry

Several of our chemistry graduates work at the Kentucky State Crime Lab in Frankfort.


This major track focuses on instrumental techniques most applicable to forensic investigations.

Research and Internships

Students can work with Georgetown College chemistry faculty on research projects and intern at a nearby crime lab.

Potential Careers

“Some sparked my excitement for science by blowing up pumpkins and making glow-in-the-dark slime. Some devoted hours outside the classroom to guide me through difficult assignments. Some opened up doors to invaluable research opportunities and pushed me to pursue them. But ALL of the professors in the Georgetown College Chemistry Department believed in my potential and worked relentlessly, not only to teach, but to invest in my personal life and future."

 - Jessica Kindrick '18

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