About Behavioral Neuroscience

The Behavioral Neuroscience minor is an interdisciplinary minor designed for students with an interest in neurology from both a biological and psychological perspective. The curriculum provides foundational knowledge and practical experience related to neuroscience that can serve as additional preparation for careers in clinical, counseling or neuropsychology as well as for vocations in veterinary, medical, or other health-related areas. After completing a common core of classes, students specialize in either a human neuroscience or animal neuroscience track, taking upper-level courses in biology and psychology. 


The animal track in neurobiology is a unique feature of the minor at GC.

Broad Appeal

The Behavioral Neurobiology minor is of interest for students with a diversity of majors, from the natural to the social sciences.


This minor prepares students for diverse careers or graduate study in fields related to behavior and brain function.

Potential Careers

Georgetown ignited a fire within me, a passion for helping others and a love of learning, an eternal flame.

 - Ruth Willoughby, 2001

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