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Outdoor Classrooms Present Exciting Opportunity for Engagement

Submitted on July 27, 2020

One of the most exciting new developments coming to Georgetown College’s campus this fall will be outdoor classroom spaces. While several professors routinely hold class outside throughout the semester, the college has committed to building spaces outdoors so even more students can partake in outdoor learning. This practice will not only keep campus safe and healthy, it will also present an opportunity for students to discover the benefits of learning in the fresh air.

The health benefits of going outside can translate into making learning that much more enjoyable. Being outdoors can help decrease stress and restore attention. It can also greatly improve creativity. If you look around GC’s campus when the weather’s lovely, you will no doubt catch a glimpse of an art class or a writing class working outside for exactly this reason.

The college’s newly established outdoor spaces will give professors the option of holding classes outside, so their students can reap the benefits associated with outdoor learning. The new space has also already gotten some professors thinking new and different lessons and about creative ways to utilize the outdoor space. Dr. Amanda Hughes has even been working out some outdoor chemistry demos for this fall.

These spaces also help liven up the already lively discussions Georgetown College classes are known for. “Outdoor spaces allow for the more relaxed interactions that are wonderful for discussion-based classes,” said Dr. Rosemary Allen, Dean and Provost of the College.

“Faculty can also shift the course dynamics when they move the class outside,” said Dr. Allen. It often can encourage enhanced engagement, particularly when the subject matter can be tied to the environment where the class is held.”

This fall, students can look forward to exactly this kind of engaging, enlightening, and enjoyable outdoor learning.

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