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Jacobs Gallery Reopening a Grand Success

Submitted on September 20, 2019

The Jacobs Gallery reopened Thursday evening with an opening reception filled with students, faculty, staff, and members of the community. The gallery houses a permanent collection, as well as rotating pieces throughout the year.

Over the summer, the gallery underwent extensive renovations, which included new flooring. The space has also been gorgeously opened up, giving each piece of art more room to breathe and better enabling visitors to appreciate the aesthetics of each work.

Art professors at Georgetown College: J. Daniel Graham, Darrell Kincer, and Boris Zakic all have works on display in the gallery to mark the grand reopening.

The centerpiece of the grand reopening is “The Souvenir” by Professor of Art, Boris Zakic. The mesmerizing work is framed by an equally astounding hand-carved frame made by Zakic.

Professor of Art, J. Daniel Graham, who specializes in Sculpture, Printmaking, 3D Design, Metal Casting, and Package Design, has his piece, “The Course of my Learning,” on display. Graham describes the work as part of a larger series inspired by the 14th chapter of Genesis and the role of our participation with the Divine.

Associate Art Professor, Darrel Kincer, created his piece, “Grant; Lincoln; Hamilton; Washington,” using some unique methods. “These images are a type of photographic enlargement, but instead of film, they are created from physical objects – U.S. currency. The product of my initial process appears to be somewhat like a photogram, with inverted tones. Later, each print is treated with another chemical process that allows for the literal removal of dark emulsion from the print.”

These works, along with the permanent collection are currently on display in the Jacobs Gallery in Ensor LRC.


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