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Georgetown College Moves to Test-Optional for Fall 2021

Submitted on July 1, 2020

With the outbreak of Covid-19 affecting many ACT and SAT test-takers, Georgetown College will move to test-optional for students submitting applications for admission for fall 2021. Many colleges and universities have chosen to move to test-optional for this admissions cycle, recognizing the need for flexibility for applicants during this unprecedented time.

“As we looked at the landscape of standardized testing for this next year, we realized that many of the most important test dates had already been canceled and that students were not going to have an equal chance to test for this coming year,” said Vice President of Enrollment Management, Dr. Jonathan Sands Wise. “To give every student a fair chance to get the championship-level education of the heart and mind that we offer at Georgetown College, we knew that we would have to design a way for students to be admitted without a test score.”

Like all decisions made by the college, the needs of students are the highest priority in making the decision to move to test-optional for the upcoming admissions cycle. “At GC, we always strive to make data-driven decisions that are fair to all of our students and to provide access to students who might not otherwise choose to come to GC, as our many scholarship initiatives indicate,” said Dr. Sands Wise. “This is another example of that approach to higher education, and we trust that the data we can collect this year will help us to make more informed decisions in the future about our use of different admission standards at GC.”

The move will also make the championship-level education provided by Georgetown College that much more accessible to under-represented groups. “We have studied the possibility of going test-optional for several years now and have done some studies indicating that the GPA, along with a consideration of classes taken, can provide a good barometer of how successful students will be at GC,” said Dr. Sands Wise. “There is also good research indicating that providing a test-optional admission standard can provide more opportunities for under-represented minority students for whom the standardized tests do not always provide a fair indicator of their ability, and this was another consideration in choosing to provide a test-optional admission standard for this coming year.”

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