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Bob Mills greets attendees

Faculty and Staff Recognized

Submitted on May 2, 2022

Dr. Harold PeachKopp 30 year employee20 year employees10 year employeesKristen Loxley25 year employees5 year employeesGeorgetown College held its annual Faculty and Staff Recognition Luncheon April 28th.  Board of Trustees Chairman Robert L. Mills gave opening remarks. During lunch the following employees were recognized for their years of service to the college: Joanie Alexander, Christine Collins, Marion Compton, Terry Evans, Erin Hoff, Dr. Amanda Hughes, Brad Kaufman, Maria Taylor, and Meghan Trella (5 years); Sandra Baird, Dr. Brian Jones, Dr. Joanna Lile, and Jason Snider (10 years); Dr. Jay Castaneda, Dr. Carrie Cook, Dr. Susan Dummer, Daniel Graham, Darrell Kincer, Dr. Meghan Knapp, Bryan Langlands, and Dr. Dan Vazzana (15 years); Dr. Christel Broady, Jo Anna Fryman, Kimberly Gift, Dr. Regan Lookadoo, and Dr. Chris Nix (20 years); Bobbi Boblett, Karyn McKenzie, Ed Smith, Roger Ward, and Homer White (25 years); and Dr. Richard Kopp (30 years).


Provost Dr. Jonathan Sands Wise presented the Rollie Graves Technology Excellence Awards to Kristen Loxley, chemistry stockroom manager, and Dr. Harold Peach, graduate education professor. Employees retiring after this academic year are Dr. Jane Arrington, graduate education professor; Dr. Jeff Asher, religion professor; William Cronin, head football coach; Jane Wechman, administrative assistant for the Graves Center for Calling & Career; Dr. Libby Whitis, business administration and economics professor; and David Wilhite, chief financial officer. 15 year employees

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