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Education Department Awarded KEEP Grant

Submitted on May 17, 2022

The Kentucky Excellence in Education Preparation (KEEP) organization has funded a grant to the Georgetown College Education Department to benefit aspiring special education teachers and their future students. 


Dr. Kim Walters-Parker, dean of education at Georgetown, said the grant will help both undergraduate and graduate students by giving them new opportunities to earn special education-related credentials. The department will review the potential for offering workshops and continuing education options for rank changes for special education teachers.  


Dr. Andrea Peach and Dr. Melody Deprez are serving as co-directors and will collaborate with other education department faculty during the next academic year to determine where to implement the updated special education-related content in classes. For example, a module based on Universal Design for Learning will be developed in Canvas for use in undergraduate and graduate courses and other modules may be developed. Peach will act as the primary instructional designer, assisted by Deprez and other faculty. The new curriculum also has the potential to be used for future professional development opportunities. The grant will help fund faculty during the design and phase-in processes for this program. 


The KEEP funds will also provide unique hands-on, high-tech experiences for teachers. “In order to get even more experience working with special-needs students in a unique high-tech setting, undergraduate and graduate education students will have the opportunity to attend the 2023 summer robotics camp and will receive a small stipend to cover expenses,” Walters-Parker said. Scholarships will be given to five special education students in grades 4-8 to attend the annual robotics camp next year. Education students working with the children will be guided by the camp director, who is also a special education teacher. 


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