Participation in the Georgetown College Tiger Band Program, as with the arts in general, allow students the significant opportunity to vivify, intensify, enhance and clarify human experiences and emotions.  A major goal of our Georgetown College Instrumental Program is to provide an environment that nurtures students' understanding of the dynamic tension always present in a "quality" performance of fine band literature.  This environment will in turn lead to positive experiences which should prove to be both musically rewarding and personally enjoyable for Band Scholars.

As a result of experiences provided in the Georgetown College Tiger Bands, a Band Scholar will be able to:

1.  develop their musicianship to the highest possible level.

2.  discover their level of musical ability and talent and provide experiences with and about music to develop these talents.

3.  become admitted to a creative mode by which they can enrich their lives through expression and respond to the expression of others.

4.  develop resources for a rich and rewarding life.

5.  perform quality instrumental literature from varying genres in an environment of excellence.

6.  develop an understanding of the group and self-discipline required to maintain performance standards of the highest caliber.

Additionally, participation in our Tiger Bands should lead towards the continuing growth and development of Band Scholars and the Director, alike - as we keep "an eye on" the ancient Greek concept of Balance: a balanced intellectual life; a balanced spiritual life; a balanced physical life. Our Tiger Bands are designed to enhance the most basic concepts of a Liberal Arts Education - we do not necessarily perform music solely for the sake of the music itself - rather - for the extraordinary "tangibles" and "intangibles" which are the logical resultants of participation with and about high quality music - in a high caliber ensemble setting of excellence.

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