Georgetown College offers a safety escort service to students seeking accompaniment while crossing campus. This service is offered from dusk to dawn. Daylight escorts will be provided for special circumstances such as illness, injury, or a legitimate fear that would prevent a student from feeling safe while crossing campus.

To request an escort, students should go to the Campus Safety office or call extension 8111. An officer will be dispatched to walk the student to their destination.

If a student is injured or ill, they will be transported to their destination.

Once a request has been made the officer should be at the location within 15 minutes. If for some reason there is a delay due to an emergency, we will try and notify the student as soon as possible. Students should call in advance if they know they are going to require an escort.

Campus Safety will provide an escort to any location on campus. Emergency phones are located in the Knight Hall east and west parking lots, KA/KD parking lot, on the Building Services Building in the Allen Hall parking lot, and the northeast corner of Military and Jackson streets. These phones are to be used for emergencies or for the Safety Escort Service. To contact Campus Safety, press the button located on the front of the Emergency Phone.

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