"Friends" of our Tiger Bands
"OC" [On-Campus] & "GC" [Geographically-Challenged]

Since the inception of the modern era of our Tiger Bands in the Fall of 1993, we have been diligently collecting, amassing, courting, nurturing and massaging a wide variety of both "OC" [On-Campus] & "GC" [Geographically-Challenged] "Friends" of our Tiger Bands. Our efforts have proven to be of the greatest import, and today we are most fortunate to have a veritable plethora of "Friends" of our Tiger Bands both on-campus and throughout the United States. These "Friends" serve our Tiger Bands in many important ways, they help with recruiting, the provide non-stop moral support and encouragement and have proven invaluable in the area of funding. Our efforts must never cease to increase the number and level of "Friends" of our Tiger Bands, and in all things we must work tirelessly to ensure that we are deserving of the support which these fine folk continually provide for us.

Band Friends ... 2014-2015

There follows a listing of donors whose generosity has enabled us to sustain our veritable plethora of performances, events and activities. They represent members of; The Band Friends, The Grrr… Club, The Director’s Circle ~ major supporters of our Grrr... Magic Sunflower Seed Project, donors to the Kim Summers Memorial Fund , supporters of the KUG and others who believe in and give selflessly to support the Band Scholars.

We neither would, nor could survive without their help. Thank-You.

(I apologize for any errors or omissions)

Anonymous – 27
(donors wishing to be unnamed)

Dr. Rosemary Allen
Mr. Jim Allison
Ms. Cheryl Burgess Amstutz
Ms. Sharon Austin
Dr. Barbara Burch
Ms. Betty Barkley
Dr. John R. Bell
Mr. Matthew Bell
Ms. Jane Benard
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Birdwhistell
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Bisese
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Bolus
Coach Christopher Briggs
Dr. Jana Brill
Dr. & Mrs. William D. Bryant
Ms. Kay Blevins
Dr. Jana Brill
Ms. Resa Browning
Dr. Bill and Mrs. Janis Bryant
Dr. Sonny Burnette
Dr. Barbara Burch
Coach Kevin Calhoun
Mr. Darryl Callahan
Dr. John Campbell
Dr. Yolanda & Dr. Eric Carter
Dr. Virginie Cassidy
Ms. Margaret Christensen
Dr. Terry Clark
The Cobb Family
Ms. Sarah Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Mike College
Ms. Carol Conner
Mr. Rhyan Conyers
Mr. & Mrs. John Cosby
Mrs. Bill Crabdree
Mr. Lee Creech
The Estate of Janet Creech
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cronin
Dr. Bill Crouch
Ms. Julia Cummins
Ms. Celia Daniels
Dr. Juilee and Greg Decker
Prof. Jennifer Fairchild
Ms. Teri Faragher
Dr. Todd Gambill
Mr. Michael Gilkison
Ms. Michelle Ginn
Mrs. Peggy Glowatz
Mr. Lucas Gravitt
Dr. Deanna Green
Dr. and Mrs. Dwaine Greene
Dr. Tim Griffith
Dr. Doug Griggs
Dr. Brad Hadaway
Dr. Todd Hamilton
Rev. Ken Holden
Hurst Music
Ms. Kathleen Johnson
Mr. Garvel Kindrick
The Kohake Family
Dick & Jan Lobitz
Dr. Gretchen Lohman and Mr. James Koeppe
Mrs. Patrick L. LaRue
Dr. Peter J. LaRue
Mrs. Naomi LaRue Lehew
Dr. & Dr. Chris Leverenz
Mr. Jonathan Leverenz
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Lobitz
Mr. Roy Lowdenback
Dr. Nancy Lumpkin
Mr. Ken Marotte
Mr. & Mrs. Don May
Ms. Andrea McCloskey
Mr. and Mrs. Jim McConkey
Ms. Margaret McKenney
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Miller
Mr. Mark Mitchell
Mr. Jim Moak
The Mook Family
Ms. Shana Noe
Mr. Robin Oldham
Coach Robert Happy Osborne
Tammy Osborne
Mrs. Janice Pressley
Mrs. Tera Ragland
Ms. Chelsey Reid
LT & Mrs. Jason A. Reinhardt
Ms. Judy Rush
The Sammons Family
Ms. Deb Sewell
CPT W. Kyle Simon
Mary Ellen Slone
Mr. Charles Daniel Stewart
The Stuck Family
Student Life
Mrs. Sheila Summers
The Estate of Kim Summers
Dr. Allison Tabor
Dr. Scott Takacs
Tiger Athletics
Mr. and Mrs. Tetty Thompson
Ms. Lisa Thornton
Professor and Mrs. Danny Tilford
The Townson Family
Ms. Emily Hales Warthman
Mr. Eric Ward
Ms. Sally Weisenberger
Ms. Linda Williamson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wolfe
Mr. Zachary Wolfe

… and we would like to extend a very special Thank-You to all members of our Campus Community, our Alumni Band Scholars and our Band Friends across the country – who continue to help and support the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands at Georgetown College

"Gem Alumni"
of our Tiger Bands

Well, as with all-things Grrr… the concept of the "Gem Alumni" has developed over many years. We have always been blessed with many, many, many great Band Scholars – but some have made contributions ~ had a lasting impact upon our Tiger Bands which is of inestimable importance. It is actually pretty easy to know basically who is on the “GA” list – as it is those whom we talk about regularly, to this day. We are humbled by and beholden to these very special folks who had a transformational impact upon our Tiger Bands.

Gem Alumni - 1993-2018

Mr. Chad Acklin [Class of 1999]
Ms. Emily Hales Bennett  [Class of 2003]
Mr. Kevin Brown  [Class of 2001]
Mr. Dewey L. Creech [Class of 2011]
Mr. Ryan Coatney [Class of 2001]
Mr. Andrew Dodson [Class of 2002]
Mr. Jesse Gabbard [Class of 1999]
Mrs. Melanie Webb Gabbard [Class of 1997]
Mr. Lucas Gravitt [Class of 2007]
Dr. Deanna Green [Class of 2000]
Mrs. Whitney Castle Harris [Class of 2003]
Mr. Richard Jackson [Class of 2000]
Dr. Kelly Kays [Class of 2007]
Mr. Ken Marotte [Class of 2006]
Mr. Connor Mook [Class of 2014]
Mr. Evan C. Moore [Class of 2018]
Dr. Jon Myers [Class of 2007]
Mrs. Tera Jones Ragland [Class of 1995]
Captain Jason Reinhardt [Class of 2003]
Mrs. Beth Ashford Rose [Class of 1994]
Mr. Gavin Sewell [Class of 2009]
Mr. Mitch Woods [Class of 2005]
Dr. Brett N. Wynn [Class of 1995]

Hall of Fame
"Honorary Members of our Tiger Bands"

For the past several years, we have maintained and upon occasion inducted new "Honorary Members" of our Tiger Bands into our Tiger Band Hall of Fame. These honored folk have provided some exemplary service for our Tiger Bands or Band Scholars - have aided or assisted us - in a manner or fashion above and beyond the normal call of duty. We proudly acknowledge these people, and will continue to "add to the list" as it seems necessary or appropriate.

Mr. Lester Abner, Georgetown, KY
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Boehms, Clarksville, TN
Dr. Sonny Burnette, Georgetown, KY
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Campbell, Cedarville, OH
Dr. Lynn Cooper, Wilmore, KY
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Cronin, Georgetown, KY
Ms. Celia Daniels, Louisville, KY
Dr. Angela Easterday Holder, Knoxville, TN
Mrs. Sue Hutchinson [Deceased], Arab, AL
Mrs. Patrick L. LaRue, Lancaster, OH
Mrs. Janet G. Lobitz, Georgetown, KY
Mr. Josue Mendez, Miami, FL
Mr. R. Happy Osborne, Cookesville, TN
Dr. E. Wayne Pressley [Deceased] Mars Hill, NC
Mr. & Mrs. James O. Roberts, Buies Creek, NC
Mr. John Sadlon Sr. [Deceased], Georgetown, KY
Mr. Floyd Shipley, Georgetown, KY
Dr. & Mrs. Fred Stickle, Bowling Green, KY
Mr. Kim Summers [Deceased], Georgetown, KY
Mrs. Sheila Summer, Georgetown, KY
Professor & Mrs. Daniel Tilford, Georgetown, KY
Ms. Kathleen Wilson, Tulsa, OK
Mr. Leonard Wilson [Deceased], Pensacola, FL

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