Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science


The various disciplines represented within the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science are united by their reliance upon:

  1. methods for discovering and demonstrating patterns, and for constructing structures that exhibit, unify and illuminate these patterns;
  2. application of these structures to model a wide variety of phenomena in mathematics and the sciences;
  3. precise language as a means to express patterns and describe structures.

Accordingly, graduates of the Math/Physics/Computer Science department will

  1. demonstrate knowledge of basic content appropriate to the chosen major;
  2. communicate precisely and effectively on quantitative matters;
  3. perform basic modeling and to interpret the results in terms of the phenomena being modeled;
  4. read quantitative material, interpret correctly what has been read, and apply it correctly.

Mathematics is the unique language of all physical and social sciences. Students who pursue the study of mathematics are trained to solve problems and to communicate such solutions effectively. This gives the foundation for further professional study in many fields as well as for employment in business and industry.

Physics is the study of the physical universe. In physics, students learn to solve theoretical and practical problems using fundamental principles and to effectively communicate those solutions. This study provides preparation for graduate studies in engineering and other physical sciences and professional schools, as well as preparation for positions in industry.

Students may pursue a dual-degree program in Engineering Arts at Georgetown College.  Special arrangements have been made by which an undergraduate student may attend Georgetown for three years and the University of Kentucky for two years and, after completing the requirements of both institutions, receive a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Arts from Georgetown and a Bachelor of Science in one of several engineering fields from UK.

Data Analysis is a minor that incorporates Statistics, Computing and a particular domain of application.  The emphasis of the minor is on the statistical methods that support data analysis.  It may be of particular interest to students of business, finance, economics, and any of the natural or social sciences.

If you would like to receive more information about the Department, our address is:

Georgetown College
Dept of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science
400 E. College St.
Georgetown, KY 40324

or you may send email to Dr. Homer White, Department Chair.