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Blending statistics and computing to develop methods that support data analysis, this interdisciplinary minor may appeal to you if you major in business, finance, or economics. And if you intend to do research in any area that requires quantitative thinking, this minor could set you apart as you apply to graduate schools.


Increasing Demand

Over the past five years, 65% of organizations have increased their number of positions that require skills in data analysis.

Soft Skills

Data analysis requires more than just a talent for mathematics and computing:  you’ll also draw on “soft” skills in writing and interpersonal communication.


Data analysis can even be the road to helping predict and fight fires, and to detect the source of fires and of arson!

Program Requirements

21 hours for interdisciplinary minor; no major available


Advice for your first year at GC: Take the highest-level math classes that you can in our calculus sequence:  MAT 125, 225 and 325.  You might also take CSC 115 (a requirement for the major) to get a start on computer programming.

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Potential Careers

"The faculty at Georgetown are incredibly generous and knowledgeable. I began my graduate studies in Statistics remarkably well-equipped, due to the unparalleled expertise and boundless enthusiasm of my professors."

 - Woody Burchett, ’10, PhD, Statistics Researcher at Pfizer, Groton, CT

“The Georgetown Mathematics and Data Analysis programs helped to prepare me for graduate school as well as the job market. The skills I learned helped me immensely, and the memories I made will last a lifetime.” 

 - Jacob Townson, ’16, PhD Student, Applied/Industrial Mathematics, University of Louisville

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