About Computer Science

If you want a challenging and practical minor that can complement any major, go no further. Supplying a background in programming fundamentals, web application development, and database management, our Computer Science minor is a valuable complement to majors in the social and natural sciences, business, and humanities and may well give you a competitive advantage in your future job search.

“The technical knowledge and skills I gained in Computer Science combined with the liberal arts education at Georgetown College has shaped me into a unique and valuable candidate to future tech employers.” 

 - Isaac Meisner, ’17, Web Development Intern, Awesome Inc., Lexington, KY

“Studying Computer Science has taught me how to LEARN effectively, THINK about what I have learned, and APPLY the knowledge I’ve acquired.” 

 - TJ Boadus, '17

“’I personally think there's going to be a greater demand in 10 years for liberal arts majors than there were for [computer] programming majors..’ -- Mark Cuban, famous billionaire. Whew! Glad I got BOTH at Georgetown College!"

 - Kevin Joiner, '89

Program Requirements

18 hours for minor; no major available

Advice for your first year at GC: Take CSC 115 followed by CSC 215 to get a foundation in computer programming.

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Potential Careers

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