In 2001, Georgetown College decided to revise its long-standing honors program in order to add a new level of academic challenge for entering students. This challenging academic honors program is intended to enrich the liberal arts experience of those students who participate in the program. Applications are welcomed from all motivated students who meet the eligibility requirements.


Honors Program Mission and Goals

The Georgetown College Academic Honors Program strives to encourage the intellectual growth of the college community by giving highly motivated students at all levels the opportunity to pursue challenging and stimulating academic experiences.

In fulfilling its mission, the Georgetown College Academic Honors Program strives to help motivated students reach their fullest academic potential by

  • challenging them throughout their college careers
  • promoting a high level of intellectual discourse
  • helping them broaden their cultural experiences
  • fostering academic research

For information, contact

Dr. Barbara Burch
Director, Georgetown College Honors Program
Department of English, Georgetown College
400 E. College Street
Georgetown, KY 40324
Telephone: (502) 863-8130