Which application is right for me?

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First-Time Freshman

Students who have not attended a college after high school.

Admission Requirements


Students who wish to transfer to Georgetown College from another institution.

Admission Requirements

Visiting Student

Students who wish to take courses at Georgetown College while enrolled at another institution.

Admission Requirements


Students who wish to a course at Georgetown College while still in high school.

Admission Requirements


Students wishing to return to Georgetown College and have not attended another institution since last enrolled at Georgetown.

Admission Requirements

Non-Degree Seeking

Students not enrolled at another institution that wish to take courses at Georgetown College and not looking at

Admission Requirements

Other Admission Options

  • Academic Centered Experience (ACE)
    The ACE Program is designed for students who require additional academic support for their success at Georgetown College. This program is transitional, not remedial. Students cannot apply for this program. This status is deter­mined by the College Admission Committee. Students admitted to the ACE Program shall not exceed 10 percent of the entering class. Students admitted under this program:

    • Are limited to a maximum of 16 semester hours in their first semester.
    • Are required to register for GSC 101 (Freshman Seminar) in their first semes­ter (excluding transfer students).
    • Are required to complete 12 hours with a 1.7 minimum GPA in their first two semesters to successfully complete the program.
    • Are required to meet regularly with the Coordinator of Academic Success Programs and develop an individual academic success plan.
  • Tiger Trail
    Students selected for enrollment into the Tiger Trail program will be dually enrolled at Georgetown College and Bluegrass Community and Technical College.

If you have any questions about which application is right for your situation, contact the Office of Admission at 1-800-788-9985.