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With two distinct tracks available in Studio Art and Art History, the Art major offers something for both creators and curators. This flexible major allows you to develop analytical and technical skills, preparing you to make your own original contributions to the field. Art students admitted to the Prototype Program will have access to personal studio space on campus, as well as the opportunity to assist select faculty on special projects and exhibitions.

I found great inspiration and impressive role models in the art department at Georgetown College. There were some wonderful professors in the art department that helped me succeed and continue to be an inspiration to me today.

 - Rebecca Redding, ‘10

The Georgetown art department provides a platform that allows you to push your creative thinking, artistic and verbal abilities to enable you to make a positive impact on the world.

 - Mark Taylor, ’13

The GC art department provides a welcoming and focused environment that encourages growth, creativity, perseverance, and thoughtful expression.

 - Catherine Grace Smith, ‘15

With the GC art department, I learned to express my inner most fears, thoughts, emotions without hesitation or fear of judgment.....annnnnd....what an amazing release that that exercise can be!

 - Ada Beth Oliver, ‘09

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