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Georgetown College Best in KY for Getting a Job Two Years in a Row

Submitted on June 20, 2019

The Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data Systems (IPEDS), a government-maintained source of information on all colleges and universities, provides all sorts of valuable and surprising information. No alum of Georgetown College is likely to be surprised, though, by some data released this past summer: for the second year in a row, Georgetown College has had the highest percentage of graduates get a job or go to graduate school within six months.

Along with the championship-level education of the heart and mind students receive at Georgetown College, the Graves Center for Calling and Career is a big reason for this success. The Graves Center assists students and alumni in planning for and preparing for their careers.

Speaking on the success of Georgetown students after graduation, Director of the Graves Center for Calling and Career, Holly James, said, “This is a campus-wide effort. We’re just the hub.”

She emphasized the foundational education that students receive at Georgetown College. “Students here develop a solid foundation. They develop those soft skills and professional competencies that employers look for, along with a well-rounded education. We also challenge students to focus on their individual skill-set, to really hone in on what they have to offer a potential employer.”

James also noted the strong alumni base at Georgetown College. She said, “Alumni just feel such a strong connection to this place, and that helps future generations of students as they graduate and move into their careers.”

This alumni support, along with a holistic educational approach, successfully prepares students for life beyond Georgetown College, ensuring future employment and fulfilment.

President Will Jones, early in his tenure, certainly understands the difference in the kind of education students receive at Georgetown College and why they have such success after their time at the college.

He said, “This recognition is a direct result of Georgetown’s ability to deliver a championship-level education of the heart and mind. Employers and graduate schools know that our graduates are prepared, have been tested at the highest levels of competition, and have engaged in conversations on kindness and mercy. This makes our graduates different and sought after.”

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