Georgetown, KY — Further consideration of possibly changing Georgetown College’s athletics affiliation from NAIA to NCAA Division III was eliminated Saturday by vote of the College’s board of trustees. The board did, however, call for continued study of whether or not a move to NCAA Division II would be in the school’s best interest, particularly as it relates to increased academic and recruiting standards for coaches and student-athletes.

Of concern to many since discussion about a possible move to NCAA Division III began, had been the loss of athletics scholarships at Georgetown since those would not have been possible under that affiliation. Both NAIA and NCAA Division II schools are allowed to award athletic scholarships.

“We appreciate the importance of giving athletic scholarships to student-athletes who desire to attend a highly selective national liberal arts college and also participate in athletics,” said William J. Houston, chairman of Georgetown’s board of trustees. “However, we as a board must be vigilant always and evaluate every aspect of the College including athletics to assure we are positioned in the best place for the future. We have determined that a move to Division III is not the best fit for Georgetown College.”

Saturday’s decision concludes a six-month exploratory process conducted by a task force of trustees, alumni, coaches, consultants and others with an interest in Georgetown’s athletic program. “I am grateful to our research task force for their excellent work and to the trustees for their commitment  to GC,” said Bill Crouch, president. “This decision is the right one for the future of this great school.”

The trustees’ vote “takes pressure off of our current students as to what the future holds for Georgetown athletics,” said Brian Evans, athletic director, “and sends a strong message to our coaches from the College leadership about the importance that athletics brings to the academic experience of our campus.”