About Environmental Science

Our interdisciplinary Environmental Science major allows you to pursue your particular interests with two distinct tracks: Science and Environmental Policy. The major’s core courses, emphasizing the natural and physical sciences, provide a springboard from which you can select classes leading to multiple career paths in government, industry, research, and academia.

“The dedication and guidance of the professors developed my interest in my career and supplied me with the tools that I need to help me do my job. I’m proud to call myself a Tiger Alum!”

 - Nicholas Farler, '12

“The Biology and Environmental Science Faculty were amazingly supportive and helped me grow in my interests of water quality and its effects on the ecosystem

 - Heather (Drake) Doolin, '11

“I took a very interdisciplinary course load that allowed me to cover topics from accounting to freshwater biology. I feel that this background really helped prepare me for my Environmental Management program at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University.”

 - Matt Doolin, '11

“Georgetown College is an amazing institution! The scientific instruction I received has served me well in my career.  Not many other college professors care as much about their students and provide one on one guidance as GC !!!!”

 - Annette (Lewis) Gatchett, '84

Program Requirements

Offered as an interdisciplinary major only

Policy Track: 58 - 59 hours

Science Track: 57 - 58 hours

(The catalog description will work for this interdisciplinary major, since it lists courses by name rather than just by number)

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Potential Careers

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