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As one of only three private schools in Kentucky certified by the American Chemical Society, GC’s Chemistry program provides you with small, faculty-led classes and labs, excellent facilities, and a broad range of faculty expertise. Whether you hope to pursue an advanced degree or want to teach or work in industry, our Chemistry major will get you there.

“My Chemistry and Computational Sciences majors gave me a solid foundation in analytical and computational techniques that I use every day (in sensor protein research).”

 - Joel Federspiel, '11

“The number of facets Georgetown College prepared me for in life is innumerable.  Education does not stop at the classroom door at Georgetown.”

 - Dan Schlipf, '10

“My Chemistry major gave me the necessary skills I needed in order to tackle the demanding classes in veterinary school.” 

 - Lacey Lamb, '09

“GC went above and beyond to prepare me for my graduate education.  The GC Chemistry professors also provided great examples I now use as models for my career."

 - Daniel Scott '05

Program Requirements

51 hours for major; 62 hours for ACS certified degree; 20 hours for minor

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Potential Careers

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