In accordance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act, Georgetown College presents this campus safety report. The college encourages every member of the college community to review this report so that each may be informed as to the means of preventing and reporting campus crime.

Reporting Crime

When a crime takes place or if you know of one that is going to take place, it is the students duty to inform Campus Safety immediately in order to respond quickly to the scene or to prevent the crime from taking place.

Campus Activity

Georgetown College is private property and is maintained for the use of the college community and authorized persons only. We also restrict access to the living areas in our residence halls to the residents who live there and their guests.

Law Enforcement

Our professional team of campus safety officers are dedicated to protecting all persons on the Georgetown College campus. In conjunction with Georgetown City Police Dept. Campus Safety works to keep our college community safe and free of crime.

Secure Programs

  • Conducting meetings with incoming freshmen and parents during orientation. At this meeting we introduce staff and encourage the use of the escort service along with making this document available.
  • Meeting with resident directors and resident assistants at the beginning of school each fall. At this time we discuss what procedures are for reporting as well as preventing crime on campus.
  • Placing and rotating posters in residence halls and campus buildings informing the campus about safety awareness.
  • Meeting with the Association of Georgetown Students (AGS) at least yearly, to address the issues of concern.
  • Providing a Campus Safety manual describing services, emergency procedures, parking, etc.
  • Providing programs, one a semester, to inform members of the college community about their need to be responsible for their own security, including locking doors, crossing campus, etc. Student life residence hall programming also enhances our students’ safety awareness by providing workshops on such topics as:
    • Date and acquaintance rape
    • Self-defense
    • Substance abuse
    • Alcohol awareness
    • Self-esteem
    • CPR training
    • Personal health

Crime Prevention

Campus Safety takes crime prevention very seriously. The campus community can aid in the prevention in crime by alerting Campus Safety of any suspicions activities. Campus Safety- ext. 8111

Crime Statistics

DatetimeType of OffenseLocationDescriptionDisposition
04-14-098 p.m.theftAnderson HallIPOD taken from locked roomOpen
04-19-0910 p.m.theftAnderson Hallelectronics and games taken from roomOpen
05-13-09a.m.theftPike lobbyiPod and speaker system reported missing from lobbyOpen
05-23-09between8 a.m. and 1 p.m.theftMilitary gravel lot$400 cash taken from unlocked vehicleOpen
7-14-0910 a.m.theftAsher Science Bldg. classroom 208money taken from purseOpen
8-21-092 pmtheftAlumni GymiPhone and cashOpen
8-11-095:15 p.m.theftAlumnipurse and contentsOpen
8-22-092-4pmtheftAlumnicash takenOpen
8-11-092:30 a.m.vandalismAnderson East Pkg lotcar spray painted/graffitiOpen
8-22-09unknowntheftSigma pkg lotcamera taken from vehicleOpen
8-27-093-4 pmtheftAlumni gymshoesOpen
8-29-09unknowntheftLambda Chi pkg lottennis rackets and cashOpen
8-29-098:30 pmtheftLambda Chi housecontents of purse and cash taken from unlocked roomOpen
8-30-0911 pmtheftKnight Hall pkg lotipodOpen
8-30-09unknowntheftgravel lot by CollierelectronicsOpen
8-30-0911:30 pmtheftAnderson Hall pkg lotelectronicsOpen
8-30-093 amtheftKnight Hall pkg lotelectronics takenOpen
9-1-09unknowntheftAnderson East pkg lotelectronics and cash taken from unlocked carOpen
9-2-094 pmtheftAlumni gymelectronics and cashOpen
9-4-0911 amtheftAlumni Gymsuspect apprehendedclosed
9-5-09unknowntheftKnight Hall pkg lotgolf equipmentOpen
10-12-09after 9 pmtheftAnderson East pkg lotlaptop taken from locked vehicleOpen
10-13-09before 5:15 pmtheftAnderson West pkg lotlaptop taken from vehicleOpen
11-7-09over weekendtheftAnderson HallCash stolen from locked roomOpen
11-16-09between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m.theftCollege street gravel lotbackpack taken from unlocked carOpen
2-7-109 pmmenacingCollege Streeteggs thrown at students and racial names calledOpen
2-7-109 pmtheftJackson /Military lotcd’s takenOpen
2-12-10after 9 pmtheftHollyhock gravel lotxm radio takenOpen
2-18-102:30 pmtheftLearning Resource CenteriPhone and pink phone case taken from study areaOpen
3-10-1012:20 amvandalismMacs prk lotdamage to license plate, trash put on vehicleOpen
3-16-1011:30 pmtheftPhi tau Housefraternity items takenOpen
4-11-1010:00 pmtheftAnderson HallX-Box games missing from roomOpen
4-14-1012:30 amtheftPike HouseX-Box games taken from unlocked roomOpen
7-21-10between 4 and 11 pmtheftKnight pkg. lotelectronics taken from unlocked carOpen
7-21-10approx. 11 pmtheftRec. pkg. lotcash, credit card, handgun, laptop, GPS taken from unlocked carOpen
7-21-10between 4 and 11 pmtheftKnight Hall pkg lotelectronics taken from unlocked carOpen
7-21-10between 4 and 11 pmtheftKnight Hall pkg. lotcash taken from unlocked carOpen
8-12-10not sure.theftAnderson Hallprojector taken from classroomOpen
8-24-1012:30sex offence forcibleAnderson East pkg lotassault in parked vehicleOpen
9-4-10approx. 12 offence forcibleKappa AlphaassaultOpen
10-1-10discovered approx. at 4:10pmCriminal damage3rd floor Anderson and classroom in ChapelCriminal damage/racist vandalismOpen
10-8-10after 5pm on 7thCriminal damage3rd floor Anderson HallCriminal Damage/racist vandalismOpen
10-30-108:30 pmtheftPierce Halllaptop taken from unlocked roomOpen
11-8-107:30 pmtheftKnight Hall pkg lotGPS taken from locked vehicleOpen
11-04-1010:00 amtheftThe Storecash taken from registerClosed
11-04-1011 amdrug violation possessionTownhousemarijuanaClosed
11-20-10after 9 pmtheftCollier Halllaptop taken from unlocked roomOpen
12-08-10between 2 and 2:15 pmtheftCollier HalliPod taken from unlocked roomOpen
between12-10-10 and
between two dates giventheftStudent Centermoney taken from mail boxOpen
1-26-112:30a.m.vandalismSam’s gravel lot/Pike house3 car windshields brokenOpen
2-1-11approximately 8 p.m.racially sensitive word yelled from one group to anotherQuadracially sensitive word yelled from one group to anotherOpen
2-9-11approximately 9:35 p.m.Criminal damage to autoKnight Hall west pkg lothit and run in lotOpen
late Feb.-11late Febforcible sexual assaultFlowers Hallassault occured in victims roomClosed
3-7-11reported in a.m. on 3/7theftAlumni Gym classroomprojector taken from classroomOpen
3-10-11eveningwords sexually biased towards orientation yelled out of windowAnderson Hallwords sexually biased towards orientation yelled out of windowOpen
3-19-11reported at 6 pm2 cars vandalizedLambda chi parking lotvandalismOpen
3-21-11reported at 7:40 a.m.theftAnderson Hallcomputer and monitor taken from classroomOpen
4-20-11after 2:30 pmtheft520 E. Main Streetradial arm saw taken from garage adjacent to campusOpen
4-28-11between 2:10 and 3:25 pmtheftGeorgetown Baptist pkg lotelectronics taken from parked car adjacent to campusOpen
4-29-11approximately 3 amtheftSigma KappaGreek letters taken from sorority houseOpen
4-29-11after 11 pmtheftStudent Center Grillecase of hamburgers taken from GrilleOpen
5-6-115-5-11theftEast Campus2 air tanks taken from softball storage bldg.Open
6-29-11approximately 10 pmtheftREC CenteriPad taken from backpackOpen
6-30-11approximately 11 pmtheftREC Centercell phone taken from restroomOpen
6-30-11before 6-30-11vandalismsoftball fieldblack paintOpen
8-12-11between 2 and 4pmtheftSigma Kappatelevision taken from unlocked lobby areaOpen
8-30-112:52 amillegal drugsPi Kappa Alphamarijuana in residence hallClosed
9-2-11between 9-2-11 and 9-4-11theftEast Campus Athletic training roomkeys taken from officeOpen
9-6-119-6-11theftSima pkg lottools taken from pick-up’s toolboxOpen
10-13-1110-13-11theftRucker Villagecell phones and wallet taken from apt.Open
10-14-111:50 pmillegal drugsCollege Streetarrest made in front of Student CenterClosed
10-15-1110-15-11illegal drugsCollier Hallillegal drugs found in roomOpen
10-22-113:30 pmtheftStadium,visitor’s locker roompersonal items taken from locker roomOpen
11-13-11between midnight and 5 a.m.vandalismparking lot at stadiumcars and gator vandalizedClosed
11-25-11after midnightvandalismsporting fields2 gators and fields vandalizedClosed
11-25-11after 10 p.m.vandalismEast Campus Apartmentroom entered and damage done to room. Apartment was unlockedOpen
1-1-1212:15 p.m.theftAlumni gymbasketballs taken from unlocked closetOpen
1-11-12p.m.vandalismToyota stadiumwidows brokenClosed
1-23-125 p.m.theftRECi-phone taken from weight roomOpen
2-2-124:45 p.m.theftStudent Centerg-card taken from officeClosed
2-5-1211:00 p.m.vandalismToyota stadium/baseball fieldwindows broke, Gators wrecked into fence, ice machines turned overClosed
2-6-124:30 p.m.theftRECi-phone taken from gymOpen
2-7-12between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.theftRucker apartmennts$80 taken from unlocked roomOpen
2-13-127 p.m.theftAnderson Halli-phone taken from roomClosed
2-18-1210:02 a.m.drugsAthletic field East Campusmarijuana found in students backpackClosed
2-25-129:15 a.m.theftRec Center lotitems stolen from unlocked vehicleOpen
3-3-1211:30 a.m.theftCafeteriawallet left in cafeteria not found upon returnOpen
3-4-12a.m.theftAnderson Hallitems stolen from unlocked roomOpen
3-5-121 p.m.theftAnderson Hallhoodie taken from laundry roomOpen
3-18-125:31 p.m.vandalismBaseball fieldjuveniles found breaking into storage buildingsClosed
3-19-12over spring breaktheftAnderson Hallmicrowave taken from locked roomOpen
3-26-126-7 p.m.theftCafeteriacereal dispenser takenOpen
4-1-121:30 p.m.theftAnderson Hallmoney and electronics takenOpen
5-11-125-10-12theftAllen HallTV taken from common areaOpen
Novembersexual assaultPHAClosed
6-20-12p.m.theftin front of Anderson HallGator vehicle taken from street in front of buildingClosed
8-18 or 8-19-12unknowntheftMaintenance and Grounds buildingSafe containing keys stolenOpen
8-24-1212:15amdrug violation possessionEast Campusmarijuana in residence hallClosed
8-24-125pmtheftPhi Kappa TauWallet and pain medication stolen from roomOpen
9-1-1211:30pmillegal drugsEast Campusparaphernalia in Residence HallClosed
9-3-123 to 4 pm approximatelyhit and run injuryEast Campusstudent hit by truck and pinned against fence, driver left scene, police later identified driverOpen
9-9-123:28amtheftLearning Resource CenterDVDs takenClosed
9-23-12around 1amSexual AssaultEast CampusOpen
9-27-12around 12amtheftAnderson Hallstolen street signs found on campusOpen
10-17-129:30pmvandalismAnderson Hallroom vandalizedOpen
10-28-122:30amvandalismLambda Chi Alphaspray painting on back door and sidewalkOpen
11-1-129:12pmtheftMilitary/Jackson parking lotseveral items taken from a car, including a GPS and sports bagOpen
11-2-122:45amthreateningKnight Hallunidentified male following female studentsOpen
11-4-12unknowncriminal damage to autoAnderson parking lotstudent reported damage to vehicleOpen
11-5-12unknowntheftAnderson Halllaptop reported stolen from roomOpen
unknownunknowntheftAnderson Halltelevision taken from residence hall lobbyOpen
11-12-122:20pmsex offenseAsher Science Centermale subject exposed himselfOpen
11-13-12about 8:00pmtheftSigma Kappa parking lotiPod and charger reported stolen from carOpen
11-16-12unknowntheftCollier HallKindle Fire and charger reported stolenOpen
11-17-12around 11:00amtheftPi Kappa AlphaiPhone reported stolenOpen
between 11-30 and 12-3, 2012unknowntheftPhi Kappa Tau3 couches reported stolenOpen
12-5-123:00amdrugsAllen Halldrug paraphernalia found in residence hallClosed
between 12-7 and 12-10-12unknowntheftMaintenance BuildingsTwo laptops stolenOpen
12-24-1212:05pmtheftPhi Kappa TauItems reported stolen from roomOpen
1-3-1310:00amtheftCollier HallMoney reported stolen from vending machinesOpen
1-5-138:30amtheftMaintenance and Grounds BuildingLeafblowers and chainsaws reported stolenOpen
1-8-1310:30pmvandalism/theftKnightVandalism to, and items stolen from, vending machineOpen
1-11-13unknowntheftKappa AlphaKA cannon was taken from the front of the buildingClosed
1-16-1310:00pmdrugsPhi Kappa TauMarijuana and paraphernalia found in residence hallClosed
1-23-13between noon and 1pmtheftCollier HallXbox, equipment, and games reported stolenOpen
1-29-1312:30pmtheftREC2 iPhones reported stolenOpen
1-30-13between 2:30 and 4pmtheftRECWallet reported stolenOpen
2-1-131:00amdrugsCollier Hallmarijuana and paraphernalia found in residence hallClosed
2-8-1310:00 pmtheftRECcell phone reported stolenOpen
2-9-139:33pmdrugsCollier Hallmarijuana and paraphernalia found in residence hallClosed
2-20-132:30amsmoldering trashPhi Kappa Tautrash can smoldering on 2nd floor of residence hallOpen
2-23-1311:45pmdrugsHambrick Villagedrug paraphernalia found in residence hallOpen
3-25-13between 10:50am and 1:30pmtheftLearning Resource Centercell phone reported stolenOpen
between 3-28-13 and 3-31-13unknowntheftAnderson HallTelevision reported stolen from roomOpen
between 3-29-13 and 3-31-13unknowntheftAnderson HallTelevision and cash reported stolen from roomOpen
between 3-29-13 and 3-31-13unknowntheftAnderson HallTelevision reported stolen from roomOpen
4-4-1310:15pmtheftRECCell phone and wallet reported stolenOpen
4-11-13around 3:45pmtheftAnderson HallPS3 and games reported stolenOpen
4-15-136:00pmdrugsCollier HallMarijuana found in residence hallClosed
4-25-1310:35amdisorderly conductCollier HallStudent displaying disorderly conduct toward staff and GPDClosed
5-5-1311:30pmdrugsAllen HallDrug paraphernalia found in residence hallClosed
5-6-132:00-2:30amtheft/vandalismAllen HallVending machine broken into and items takenOpen
5-10-13between 7:30pm and 1amtheftAllen Hallvideo games/euipment and iPod reported stolen from roomClosed
5-15-1310:05amvandalism/damageAnderson Hallvending machine in lobby damagedOpen
5-16-13around 4pmtheftSigma Kappatools reported stolenOpen
5-29-131:30pmtheftCampus MailChecks reported stolen from student mailboxesClosed
7-13-13 to 7-14-13unknowntheftRECKeys and equipment reported stolenOpen
7-28-134:45pmtheftLambda Chi AlphaFurniture, Bicycle and TV reported stolenOpen
8-4-13unknowntheftEast Campus Athletic Storagemultiple items found that had been taken from storageOpen
8-8-13unknowntheftPIKEFraternity charter reported stolenOpen
8-18-13unknowntheftKappa AlphaItems reported stolen from closetOpen
8-20-1311:15pmcriminal damagePhi Kappa Taudamage report to motorcycleOpen
9-4-1310:00pmtheftRECiPhone reported stolenOpen
9-6-13unknowntheftLambda Chi Alpha Parking LotWallet reported stolen from vehicleOpen
9-6-138:00pmCriminal DamageKnight Hall Parking Lotdamage reported to vehicleOpen
9-7-134:00pmTheftKnight Hallindustrial fans reported stolenOpen
9-11-137:35pmCriminal DamageKnight Hall parking lotdamage reported to vehicleOpen
9-20-13 or 9-21-13unknownSexual AssaultPHA Residence Hallsexual assault reportedOpen
9-21-132:30amTrespassingoutside of Knight Hall/Mulberry StreetSuspicious ActivityClosed
9-21-131:30pmTheftBaseball fieldGator vehicle reported stolenClosed
9-21-137:30pmCriminal DamageAnderson Hall east parking lotdamage reported to vehicleOpen
9-21-138:30pmCriminal DamageCollege Streetdamage reported to rear glass of vehicle reportedOpen
9-23-138:30amTheftLambda Chi Alphastolen historical signs foundClosed
9-28-13unknownVandalismPIKEdamage reported to residence hall room doorOpen
9-28-13unknowntheftPhi Muchapter items reported stolen from lobbyOpen
10-9-135:15pmDrugsPhi Kappa Taumarijuana and drug paraphernalia found in residence hallClosed
10-17-138:10amTheftStudent Center Grille Patiostudent’s jacket contain GCard and keys reported stolenOpen
10-25-138:45pmDrugsPhi Kappa Taumarijuana found in residence hallClosed
10-31-134:00pmFireKnight Hallfire alarm set off by burning pizza in kitchenClosed
11-1-13unknownTheftAnderson HallStolen road signs found on campusClosed
11-4 to 11-5-13unknownTheftAnderson Hallmoney reported stolen from wallet in residence hall roomOpen
11-10-133:00amDamage of PropertyEast Campus – Stadium DriveLight pole reported to have been damaged by vechileOpen
11-12-13between 12:00am-7:00amCriminal Damage to VehiclesHollyhock/Mulberry/Jackson Streets5 vehicles were reported to have had their tires cutOpen
11-16-1310:30pmDamage of PropertyPatterson HouseDamage reported to Patterson House appears to have been caused by a vehicleOpen
11-17-135:48pmFireEast CampusFire alarm registering from East Campus apartmentClosed
11-17-1312:00amFighting/AssaultHambrick Villagephysical altercation reported between two studentsOpen
11-19-132:30pmArmed RobberyCash Express on Paris PikeArmed Robbery reported at Cash Express on Paris PikeClosed
 12-2-1310:10amCriminal Damage/TheftAllen HallVending machine reported damaged/items missingOpen
12-11-133:00pmVandalismEast CampusCars/Apartments were eggedOpen
12-19-1310:30pmTrespassingEast CampusTwo non-student trespassing near softball fieldClosed
12-29-13unknownTheftAlumni GymItems taken from concession stand areaOpen
1-5-14unknownCriminal DamageEast CampusMultiple windows broken in Apartment 113Open
1-10-141:20pmTheftAnderson HallTheft from vending machine – items missingOpen
1-16-14unknownCriminal DamageStadiumDamage to fenceOpen
1-26-149:43pmTheftAnderson HallTheft from vending machine – items missingOpen
1-27-14unknownVandalismPHASpray paint on south side stairwell entranceOpen
1-30-146:25pmArmed RobberyLambda Chi Alpha Parking LotTwo students were victims in an armed robberyClosed
2-2-1412:51amFire/VandalismAnderson HallFire extinguisher dischargedOpen
2-3-143:45pmCriminal DamageGiddings CircleDamage discovered to Campus Safety VehicleOpen
2-19-142:00pmTheftLambda Chi AlphaFraternity items reported stolen from residence hallOpen
2-19-148:00pmTheftAlumni GymItems reported stolen from concession standOpen
2-21-142:37pmFire/VandalismAnderson HallFire extinguisher dischargedOpen
2-23-14between 2:30pm and 5:00pmTheftEast Campus ApartmentsMoney reported stolen from residence hall roomOpen
2-24-148:57pmCriminal MischiefKappa Alpha Parking LotSubject reported trying to gain access to vehiclesOpen
2-26-1411:00amTheftEast Campus ApartmentsMoney and TV reported stolen from residence hall roomOpen
3-6-147:20pmCriminal MischiefStudent Center – MailroomTwo students seen on camera opening multiple mailboxesOpen
3-13-1410:02pmFireAnderson Hallsmoke detector covered in residence hall roomClosed
3-14-141:00pmFire/VandalismKappa AlphaFire extinguisher dischargedOpen
3-20-1411:55pmFireKnight HallFire alarm trigger by burnt foodClosed
3-24-14between 8:00pm and 10:20pmTheftKnight Hall Parking LotMoney stolen from wallet inside a parked carOpen
3-25-146:45pmFireAnderson HallPriority one fire alarmClosed
3-25-147:18pmDrugsAnderson Hallmarijuana, prescription pills, and drug paraphernalia found in residence hallOpen
3-25-148:14pmDrugsAnderson Hallmarijuana and drug paraphernalia found in residence hallOpen
3-26-147:30pmTheftAnderson Halllaptops reported stolen from residence hall roomOpen
3-28-14unknownTheftLCA Parking Lotcar reported stolenOpen
4-1-1411:43pmDrugsAllen Halldrug paraphernalia found in residence hallOpen
4-3-1411:00pmAssaultBetween Cralle Student Center and John L. Hill Chapelman attempted to grab studentOpen
4-11-14between 5:00pm and 7:00pmtheftAnderson Hallmoney reported stolen from resident’s walletOpen
4-15-14around 10:00amtheftAnderson Hallmoney reported stolen from resident’s walletOpen
4-16-14unknownCriminal DamageKnight Hall parking lotDamage reported on student’s vehicle – soft top roof was cutOpen
4-17-14around 10:00amtheftAnderson Hallmoney reported stolen from resident’s walletOpen
4-23-141:00amDrugsClayton Ave./Hollyhock Ln.Drug paraphernalia found in student’s carClosed
4-23-1410:00amTheftAllen HallWatch and ring reported stolen from unlocked roomOpen
4-23-144:00pmAssaultAnderson Hall parking lot2 students involved in physical altercationOpen
5-8-14between 1:00am and 3:00pmCriminal DamageEast Campus ApartmentsStudent reported his car had been keyedOpen
5-7-146:30pmDrugsEast Campus ApartmentsMarijuana found in residence hallClosed
5-8-141:30amWeaponsEast Campus Athletic ComplexArrest made for possessing and discharging firearmOpen
6-18-14unknownTheftKappa AlphaCell phone reported stolen from unlocked residence hall room.Open
7-24-14after 6:00pmTheftAllen HallContractor’s supplies reported stolen from buildingOpen
9-6-14unknownHomicideColegio Bautista of Temuco, ChileHomicide occurred within residential hall at Colegio Bautista of Temuco in Chile, South America.Open

Off Campus Crime

The local police work with our Campus Safety Department when entering the campus. All contact with the local police is logged with Campus Safety and documented for future reference. Georgetown College has no off-campus student organizations. Off-campus social functions by service, club or social organizations are beyond the scope of control by
the college.

Sex Offence Policy

We have described various programs relating to self-defense, date rape and reducing vulnerability. Should a sex offense occur, personnel other than students should direct their complaint to the Vice President responsible for Human Resources who will follow the college policy and provide a skilled and sympathetic ear to the individual. On behalf of any student, the counseling psychologist receives the complaint, discusses options with the student, and supports the student as the process proceeds.


If you would like further information regarding this report and any other crime reporting statistics, please contact:

Mr. Dan Brown
Director of Campus Safety
Georgetown College
400 East College Street
Georgetown, Kentucky 40324
(502) 863-7035

Section 2: Description of Information Programs

1a. The Georgetown College Department of Campus Safety publishes a handout that is distributed on campus and contains information on fire safety, weapons possession, escort services, sexual assault, and crime prevention. Georgetown College has an organized Safety Committee that works with each department on remedies of safety concerns or issues.

1b. The Campus Safety Handout contains information on the proper procedure to contact Campus Safety. Student Life publishes and distributes a list of names and telephone numbers for reporting emergencies and non-emergencies.

1c. The Director of Campus Safety conducts a meeting at the beginning of the Fall Semester and discusses personal safety. Student Life conducts classes each semester and promotes awareness of rape, date rape, and other forcible and non-forcible sexual offences. Georgetown College has in the past invited the Kentucky State Police, Scott Count Sheriff’s Department and the Georgetown City Police to come to campus to conduct seminars on personal safety. Georgetown College will continue to use these methods of notification if the agencies are willing to help.

The calendar year for the annual report shall be the calendar year previous to the year in which the report is filed.

Section 3:

Crime Statistics Reporting Table
OffenseYearOn-Campus PropertyOn-Campus Student Housing FacilitiesNon-Campus PropertyPublic Property
Murder/Non-Negligent Manslaughter20080000
Negligent Manslaughter20080000
Sex Offenses, Forcible20080000
Sex Offenses, Non-Forcible20080000
Aggravated Assault20080000