athletics_GCGeorgetown, Ky. – In a meeting late Monday, April 28, 2014, with faculty and staff, Georgetown College President, Dr. M. Dwaine Greene, announced further actions to be taken as part of a strategic renewal of the College.

Dr. Greene made clear that the deficit budget operations of recent years are to be decisively curtailed. He emphasized that Georgetown is much too fine of an institution to be hampered any longer by deficit spending, and he outlined significant steps to be taken over a two-year period to achieve operational levels from which to move forward.

Specifics include

  1. Staff and faculty reductions.
  2. Discontinuing French, German, Computer Science, and Music majors.
  3. Adjusting employee and retiree benefits.

President Greene acknowledged that while these actions are difficult, the longer term benefit to Georgetown College will be significant. He emphasized that more streamlined operations provide greater opportunity for growth and cited two new academic programs, Social and Criminal Justice and Sports Administration, as already contributing to student admissions being well ahead of last year’s pace.

Dr. Greene placed great emphasis on the definitive action of the trustees in bringing precision to the College’s mission statement:  “The mission of Georgetown College is to prepare students to engage in their life’s pursuits with thoughtfulness and skill by providing an exceptional educational experience in a vibrant Christian community …. Its aim is to continue to be one of the finest Christian colleges in the country.”

Open letter to the Georgetown College community from President Greene.