GEORGETOWN, KY – Woodford County High School Advanced Placement students will get a jump on college through a newly–formed partnership with Georgetown College, announced Thursday, April 11, 2013. The Woodford County Academy at Georgetown College, as it will formally be known, begins in fall, 2014.

A pilot group of up to 15 of Woodford’s top AP students who meet appropriate prerequisites will be given the opportunity to enroll in college 200-level (sophomore) liberal arts as well as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses at Georgetown. Beginning in 2015, up to 40 Woodford County AP students may enroll through the Academy.

“The Woodford County school system is excited to partner with Georgetown College to provide such an exciting opportunity for our students,” said Mike Stacy, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer. “This agreement will provide our students with a rigorous educational opportunity, increased scholarship opportunities, an on-campus experience, access to college level labs, and many other unique experiences.”

Woodford students will be transported each day from the high school in Versailles to Georgetown’s campus. A Woodford staff member will accompany students to provide support and advise them as necessary. Each student will be eligible to take 18 credit hours per academic year or nine hours each semester. Under terms of the agreement, tuition will be discounted for the pilot group.

“This innovative agreement with Woodford County Schools makes it possible for extraordinary students to rise to the challenge of college classes while they’re still completing their high school education,” said Rosemary Allen, Ph.D., Provost and Academic Dean at Georgetown College. “Unlike most traditional dual enrollment opportunities, the Academy brings students to campus to integrate fully with college students in higher-level courses. This participation in a college’s intellectual community will give these students an invaluable opportunity to grow their academic qualifications and competitiveness.”

Formation of the Woodford County Academy at Georgetown College results from months of planning and discussion for promoting academic excellence through innovative approaches to fostering student learning.

“Top students respond best when the bar is set high,” said Dr. Allen. “Woodford County Schools will be providing the top students who are well prepared for this experience, and Georgetown College will be responsible for setting the bar high.”

Enrollment in any college class by Woodford students will be limited so that traditional Georgetown students may access classes of their choice. And because Georgetown’s STEM classes are in high demand by traditional college students, enrollment by Academy students in these disciplines, other than computer science, will be limited to 20 students.

“We are continuing to work with the administration at Georgetown College to rethink the traditional secondary school experience and hope to provide even more opportunities over the next calendar year,” added Dr. Stacy.

The partnership agreement initially runs through June, 2018.