why_happeningGEORGETOWN, KY – Georgetown College’s Senior Thesis Show this year in the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery is presented as a question: why is this happening? It will showcase the work of studio arts majors Daniel Cantu II, Lauren Meister, Kayleigh Riddell, and Jen Stephenson, as well as the written thesis research by Elizabeth Metcalfe.

“Why is this happening?” provided the group with the initial spur. The question offered a chance to reconsider various contextual forces that lie beyond their immediate control, at least at this particular time and place. Their responses looked beyond the simple knee-jerk reactions, only to seek a more lasting direction in terms of work, research, or career.

An opening reception, lecture, and screening is set for Friday, March 22, from 5-7 p.m. for the exhibition which features a variety of two-dimensional, three-dimensional and time-based works:

Daniel Cantu II, born in Texas and raised in a military family, worked on a 3D animated short featuring a robot. For a career, he hopes to join the ranks of Pixar Animation Studios.

Lauren Meister, Cincinnati, documented the influence of relationships through a lens of a camera. She plans to attend graduate school, majoring in business, then work in advertising or marketing.

Elizabeth Metcalfe, Georgetown, researched the relationship between architecture and memory (placemaking) within the context of Georgetown College. She will attend graduate school in art history.

Kayleigh Riddell, Georgetown, worked on illustrations employing paint, collage and sewing. She hopes to attend graduate school in psychology.

Jen Stephenson, LaGrange, worked with graphite, wood, and installation. She hopes to start a career in Tennessee as an exhibiting artist.

The work will be on display in the Wilson Fine Arts Gallery from March 22 through April 5 during regular gallery hours, Monday-Friday, Noon-4:30 p.m.

The exhibit is free and open to the public.