Tid Griffin

GEORGETOWN, KY – Throughout his career, Georgetown College alumnus and upcoming Founders Day Convocation speaker William Tid Griffin has developed millions in revenues, leading international teams for firms such as GC Capital and the engineering firm Syska and Hennessy, where he served as Director of Strategic Relations. For the latter, he launched an international subsidiary focusing on hi-tech consultation, planning and build-out which resulted in $60 million in new business for the company in its first year.

Griffin later moved on to become Vice President of business Development at the prominent data and communications planning firm UIG, where he developed expansion and restructuring plans for NASDAQ and other data-intense companies.

After helping implement emergency power and communications to New York City’s downtown area during the aftermath of 9/11, for which he received an ICTV1 911 Hero Award, Tid traveled to Asia to launch 4cornersoftheworld, an importer of rare eastern arts and exotic music. He later returned to the United States to start Gryphon Environmental, LLC, where he is now Chairman and CEO, a company which seeks to provide technologies to help remedy the growing pollution of our planet.

Tid is returning to campus on January 22 as keynote speaker for Georgetown College’s annual Founders Day Convocation which, this year, is emphasizing entrepreneurship, especially since the College will be hosting the inaugural Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs in June.

The 1993 graduate, who majored in Biology and Business Administration and minored in Chemistry, is a self-described small-town boy from Kentucky who says, from childhood, it was instilled in him to visit places of interest.

Working with international companies, he has been able to broaden his travels and get to know unique people and places all over. For example, he took two years off to travel Asia on a motorcycle and to study deep mediation. Owning a home alongside the Annapurna Range on the lake in Pokhara Nepal, he spent a year’s time and energy in the thoughts of compassion, self-understanding and balance. To this day, one of his most enjoyable activities is motorcycling the Himalayas, which he continually returns to Nepal to adventure.

He is also an accomplished photographer who travels the top resorts and golf destinations in the United States and abroad to provide virtual tours for golf enthusiasts as well as professional photography to the resorts and golf clubs. His work has been published in the industry’s top magazines.