Lindsay Apple, Former History Professor –   The Family Legacy of Henry Clay:  In the Shadow of a Kentucky Patriarch

Rosalee Anderson, Class of 1970  – Caligraphy Artist

Jeffery R. Asher, Religion Professor  – Polarity and Change in 1 Corinthians 15

Dr. Susan Bell, Education Professor – Challenging Behaviors, Designing Preschool Interventions

Lauren Brandenburg, Class of 1999  –  Boone: The Ordinary

Dr. Eric Carter, English Professor – Boys Gone Wild

Dr. Steven Carter, Communication –  Famous Writers School, I was Howard Hughes

Adam Clay, English Professor –  A Hotel Lobby at the Edge of the World

Michael Crisp, Class of 1991 – When Happy met Froggie,  Murder in the Mountains

William E. Ellis, Class of 1962  – A history of Education in Kentucky

Margeret Greynolds, Gwen Curry, & Macy Wyatt (Retired Professors) –  Community of Light  

Maribeth Hambrick, Jack Birdwhistell, Gwen Curry, Alan Redditt, Daniel Tilford – History of Georgetown Baptist 1810-2010

Dr. Necia Harkless, Retired Professor – Heart to Heart, Nubian Pharaohs and Merotic Kings

Ernie Heaven, LRC Staff – Living By Power of Faith,  Jesus then and Now

Amanda Hervey, Class of 2008 – Sacred Places, Kentucky A to Z

Richard Dan Hill, Class of 1967 – Proud of What I Was… A Solider

James Klotter, History Professor – Kentucky Renaissance

Bryan Langlands, Campus Minister – A Will to Lead and The Grace to follow

Rev. Terry Lester, Class of 1975  –  Weeping with those who weep

Dr. Joe Lunceford, Religion Professor – Parody and Counter imagining In the Apocalypse,

Dr. John McCormick & Dr. Wyatt, Retired –  Ghosts of the Bluegrass

George McGee, Theatre Professor – Henry Clay and the Struggle for the Union, Our Lincoln

Dr. Rebecca Powell, Education Professor – Literacy as a Moral Imperative, Toward a Literacy, Straight Talk

Billy Reed, GC Staff  – Celebrating 54 Years at Freedom Hall, KFC YUM- Center

G. David Redding, Class of 1970 – The Angels Are in Wyoming

Dr. Paul Redditt, Retired Professor –  Unity and Disunity,  Introduction to the Prophets 

Bob Terrell, Class of 1955 – Have We Lost Our Common Sense, Poems from Younger Days

Roger Ward, Philosophy Professor –  Harry Potter and the Magic of Self DIscovery