Many of you faithful contributors from over the years received a letter from former NAIA basketball All-American Kenny Davis ’71 urging a gift to your alma mater before June 30 (end of the fiscal year). Others of you got the Class Challenge from Laura Owsley ’92, Director of Annual Giving, with a similar message of “paying it forward.”

Receiving your gift by June 30 is hugely important to the College, as that could make the difference for some current students on whether they can afford to return this fall as well as for some very bright incoming freshmen who are counting on vital scholarships for this coming year.

The Class Challenge compares the giving percentage, not the dollar amount given among members of each class between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. It’s easy! Just donate ONE dollar for each year that you have been out of school – so, for example, you would donate $10 for the class of 2002. We made it super easy to donate securely online via credit card or, if you prefer, mail a check to Georgetown College, Class Challenge, 400 East College Street, Georgetown, KY 40324.

Every Tiger, Every Year – and, THIS year, for scholarship purposes, ends June 30!

P.S. –Kenny Davis, as most of you should know by now, is one of the driving forces of the historic 40th Anniversary Reunion of the USA Olympic Team that lost “the most controversial basketball game ever played.” Find out more about how you can get involved in the exciting events – Aug. 23-25 in Georgetown and Lexington – at the Courage in Munich website. All proceeds from the golf event on Aug. 23 and the banquet honoring Kenny – captain of that squad – and his 11 teammates on Aug. 25 will go toward GC scholarships.