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Sports Information Director

Shan Housekeepr
Shan Housekeeper ’03
Brian Landis
Brian Landis, ’01

When you build a program and a family unit such as Bill Cronin has done in his 14 seasons as head coach for Georgetown College, it goes without saying many of those players will return to help guide the program.

Two staples on the Tigers’ national championship teams were Brian Landis, 2000, and Shan Housekeeper, 2000 and 2001. Both have been on the staff for several years, but with the retirement of legend Jim Tanara, each is getting a bigger role.

Housekeeper – a 2003 graduate, two-time NAIA first team All-American – is the new defensive coordinator, while Landis – a 2001 graduate and NAIA All-American – is becoming a full time coach. He served the past several years as a part time coach and worked as a special education teacher at Scott County High School.

“The thing I like the best about these two is their camaraderie,” Cronin said. “I think we really mesh well on the defensive side of the ball.”

Housekeeper, who has been the strength coach for several seasons, has taken full advantage of Tanara’s seasoned expertise. Tanara was part of Paul “Bear” Bryant’s coaching staff at Alabama as well as Roy Kidd’s at Eastern Kentucky University, and served as defensive coordinator in his two seasons with Georgetown. During his tenure, the Crimson Tide and the Colonels won national championships.

“Jim has been an outstanding mentor to me,” Housekeeper said. “He helped me understand the game on a different level, answered any question I had and gave the best advice he could. He has been a major part of my development as a coach.”

Cronin does not expect a system or scheme change, but is excited to see two of his former players leading the way. Both are passionate about Tiger football. Housekeeper even spoke to the fact that all four defensive coaches are four-year players at Georgetown.

“We take a lot of pride in this program,” Housekeeper said. “And you get that and hopefully it rubs off on the players.”

Housekeeper and Landis played together at GC and, in a lot of ways, have grown up together.

“We have known each other for a long time,” Housekeeper said. “We respect each other’s mentality on the field and each other as coaches. When you grow up so much with each other, it ties you together. He’s a great guy to work with, and he is very excited.”

Though Landis’ job title is not changing from defensive backs and secondary coach, he does see a lot of benefits to being around full time.

“This is my eighth year here. There’s no real adjustment, but I’ll be able to spend more time with my players,” Landis said. “In years past, I have had to come in early in the morning to meet with the players before going to work. Then I would be at practice and meet afterwards with some of my players. Being here during the day will allow me to be more accessible to the players on their schedule. It will also free up time during the season to hopefully see my family more.”

Cronin sees the added benefit of another recruiter during the offseason.

“We hate to lose Jim. He was a great resource for us all,” Cronin said. “But it’s exciting, what we have with both Shan and Brian. Both took advantage of the time Jim was here and either could be a tremendous coordinator.”