By Molly Shoulta ‘13
GC News Bureau Intern

The Equine Scholars are proud to announce the acceptance of one of their own into one of the most prestigious Equine Medical Hospital Internship Programs in the country. Last Sunday, March 7, Senior Andrew Jones began orientation as the first undergraduate intern in the Hagyard Medical Institute’s history.

This year is the first time in its 134 year history that the Institute has opened its arms to an undergraduate student. The 60 doctors on staff stand in the belief that by working together, they can provide the best possible quality medical attention to the horse. There is no other hospital not linked to a university that can boast such qualifications and prestige.

Voices from Hagyard praise Andrew’s work: “Thanks again for sending such a great applicant our way!” GC Vice President Darryl Callahan applauds Andrew in what he has done for the Equine Scholars Program as well as the college itself.