By Eric W. Fruge ‘75


We’ve all heard that old saying – “A picture’s worth a thousand words” – and it’s certainly true. They shed a better light on events and people than most other sources. For example, the oldest photo we have related to Georgetown College is a composite of the class of 1857 which includes a picture of Duncan R. Campbell, a Baptist minister of Scottish origin was president of the College from 1852-1865. Duncan was a handsome man, a fact obscured by the official portrait of him hanging in the Gheens Room. Come visit and see for yourself; third floor of Giddings Hall.

Another interesting photo is one we almost never knew about. It’s of the school’s first football team in 1893.

The College didn’t even know of its existence until a member of that team mailed it to our alumni publication in 1926, along with a description of the team’s very first game (against UK… GC lost 80-0). It was a sensational gift then! It remains a treasure today.

Your alma mater is always looking for photos to include in its archives, especially from those first decades of photography during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Do you have an interesting picture you can share? Make a digital copy and e-mail it to us. Don’t forget to send a story with it. Georgetown College has a rich and colorful history. Thanks for helping us preserve it!

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